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July 05, 2010

Plus-Tech Squeeze Box (vacation re-post)

[Greetings! I'm off on a nearly two week vacation for a family reunion near Rome, Georgia. Normally I let the blog go dark during my vacations, but this time I thought I'd re-post a bunch of good stuff from the early days of this blog, back when I knew all four readers by name. This post is from June 05, 2006.]

Jen's grand finale to my birthday fortnight this year was a special delivery of two shiny CDs straight from Japan: the 2004 and 2005 releases by Plus-Tech Squeeze Box, an insane pop band that I've been obsessed with ever since Fluxblog dropped "THE mARTIN SHOW!!" in our laps last year. But since Jen had the wherewithal to track down sane(ish) prices for importing the discs, I'm pleased to be able to foist these maniacs on you once more. From the albums Cartoom! and Fakevox.

Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - Dough-Nuts Town's Map
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - Sneaker Song!
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - kitchen shock? (Pancake Partymix)
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - THE mARTIN SHOW!!

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Posted by Scotto at July 5, 2010 08:00 AM


I'm one of the four readers you knew by name. I still love Plus-Tech Squeeze Box.

Posted by: Bruce at July 5, 2010 09:11 AM