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July 06, 2010

Jackson & His Computer Band (vacation re-post)

[Greetings! I'm off on a nearly two week vacation for a family reunion near Rome, Georgia. Normally I let the blog go dark during my vacations, but this time I thought I'd re-post a bunch of good stuff from the early days of this blog, back when I knew all four readers by name. This post is from March 06, 2006.]

Creative, energetic, muscular IDM, anyone? Try Jackson & His Computer Band. His album, Smash, is so cool it makes me weepy. "Utopia" gives me chills. I realize all the interwebs have already shouted such praise, but there it is - I got this record as a very belated birthday present and felt compelled to jump up and down and be a dork about it.

Jackson & His Computer Band - Utopia
Jackson & His Computer Band - Arpeggio
Jackson & His Computer Band - Fast Life

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Posted by Scotto at July 6, 2010 08:00 AM