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July 15, 2010

Fateless Flows Collective (vacation re-post)

[Greetings! I'm off on a nearly two week vacation for a family reunion near Rome, Georgia. Normally I let the blog go dark during my vacations, but this time I thought I'd re-post a bunch of good stuff from the early days of this blog, back when I knew all four readers by name. This post is from April 13, 2005.]

LA's Fateless Flows Collective released a new compilation of vaguely experimental ambient music in February, called Shadowmath. It took me a few tracks to realize what it reminded me of - the great old Feed Your Head collections that came out years ago. We used to put those Feed Your Head albums on while watching video feedback and, uh, eating a lot of popcorn. Yeah. Anyway, turns out people still take the time to make good ambient music even in today's miserable, fucked-up world of doom and destruction - as these tracks will attest!

Indicia - Rescue Me (interlude)
Appogee - Coral
Kathie Talbot - Blandula XT

Also, the entire staff of the Comfort media empire (all 2 of us) is going on vacation to Mexico tomorrow. I know I just posted some Beck, but this is exactly the kind of vacation I expect to have.

Beck - Mexico

The blog will probably continue posting while we're gone. The station will probably continue streaming. But you just can't trust computers, so who knows.

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Panjabi MC feat. Twista - Beware Of The Boys
Jem - Missing You
Zero 7 - Look Up

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