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April 30, 2010

Friday grab bag

* Chappo - Come Home [learn more]
* Yawn - Kind Of Guy [download the free EP]
* AVAN LAVA - Lemons [download the free EP]
* TOBACCO - Fresh Hex (feat. Beck) [via RCRD LBL]
* Trans Am - Apparent Horizon [via Stereogum]
* The Naked Hearts - Only For You (Home Video Remix) [via RCRD LBL]
* Frame The City - Whisper In Winter [stream the EP]

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Camille - Cats and Dogs
Adani & Wolf featuring Neobe - Wonderful Love
Speedy J - The FUN Equation

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April 28, 2010

Archie Bronson Outfit

Archie Bronson Outfit are maniac purveyors of wild psychedelic rock. Their 2010 release Coconut is a frenetic whirlwind of spaced out mayhem.

Archie Bronson Outfit - Magnetic Warrior
Archie Bronson Outfit - Shark's Tooth

Sorry I've been out of pocket so long; my new play opened last weekend and I've been slowly recovering. Blogging now headed back to regularly scheduled levels.

Recently on Comfort Radio:
King Creosote - Bootprints (Hot Chip Remix)
Hooverphonic - Bohemian Laughter
Tarwater - across the dial

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April 22, 2010

Kate Nash

Kate Nash - Do Wah Doo [via Flavorwire]
from the album My Best Friend Is You

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Polmo Polpo - Low Breathing
MarchFourth Marching Band - Slow Press
Mouse On Mars - Blood Comes

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April 21, 2010

Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7

Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 are an excellent psychedelic rock ensemble, whose new record, Seahorse and the Storyteller, is "a modern musical opera that tells the story of two mythical creatures who meet, fall in love and begin piecing together the mysteries of their pasts." Plus, they sing about scopolamine, so.

Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 - Have You Met Martina?
Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 - Scopolamine

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Midival Punditz - Dark Age (Audialize Super Psy-Remix)
Black Moth Super Rainbow - One Flowery Sabbath
A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour

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April 19, 2010

"When I Come To My Senses, I'm Alive!"

If you happen to be in or near the Seattle area in the next month or so, I've written a new sci-fi play that opens this Friday about a woman who figures out how to podcast her actual emotions. Here's a video trailer:

More information about the show can be found here.

To keep this at least marginally music-related, the music we used in the trailer is by a netlabel artist named K.D. Expression, whose work I've featured on this blog before. Check it out:

K.D. Expression - Vain Beauty
K.D. Expression - Jaded
K.D. Expression - Pleasures

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Architecture In Helsinki - Beef In Box
Husky Rescue - Sunset Drive
The Similou - Ladykillers

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April 16, 2010

Friday grab bag

* Sunshine Collective - I Just Wanna Play [buy the album]
* I Am The Dot - Mark Twain [buy the EP]
* Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground [album out 6/29]
* Freelance Whales - Generator ^ First Floor (Aislyn Remix)
* The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Sun Ain't Shining No More (Thomas Gold Remix) [via RCRD LBL]
* Maxence Cyrin - Unfinished Sympathy [buy the album] [via Cover Lovers]

Bonus track:
* Sunshine Collective - I Just Wanna Play (string quartet version)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street (William Orbit mix)
Bebel Gilberto - All Around (Bombay Dub Orchestra Mix)
The Crystal Method - Koma + Bones-Morpheus (Meat Katie and Dylan Rhymes Mix)

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April 15, 2010

The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob - Beyond Monday
from the album Drink The Sea, release date 5/25

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Shinehead - Who The Cap Fits
Gotan Project - Last Tango In Paris
The Rapture - The Sound

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April 14, 2010

Pearl And The Beard

Pearl And The Beard make dynamic, sweeping, irresistible folk music, cut with a theatrical flair and rich with absolutely lovely vocal interplay among the band's three outstanding vocalists. Actually, their web site describes their instrumentation as "three voices, one cello, one guitar, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, one accordion, ninety-six teeth, and one soul." WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE, I ASK YOU? Their 2009 release, God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson, is gorgeous from start to finish.

Pearl And The Beard - Voice In My Throat
Pearl And The Beard - Oh, Death!

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Pressure Drop - Uh Oh
DJ Me DJ You - Because
Gamma Ray Blast - Adamastor

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April 13, 2010

Butch Walker

Butch Walker - Pretty Melody
from the album I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Cut Copy - Saturdays
She and Him - Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
Asian Dub Foundation - Memory War

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April 12, 2010

Owen Pallett

Owen Pallett provides a beautifully sculpted album experience on the 2010 release Heartland, described as "a fully orchestral record, designed to exist simultaneously as an album, a 45-minute piece of orchestral music and a set of songs for looped violin and voice." The results are mesmerizing in a Sufjan Stevens-meets-Philip Glass sort of way.

Owen Pallett - Keep The Dog Quiet
Owen Pallett - Tryst With Mephistopheles

Recently on Comfort Radio:
April March - Sugar
Meat Beat Manifesto - 3 Floors Above You
The Real Tuesday Weld - Daisies

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April 09, 2010

Friday grab bag

* The Jive Turkeys - The Funky Turkey [buy the album]
* Subeena - Morphic Chaos [via XLR8R]
* Prins Thomas - Uggebugg [pre-order the album]
* Scuba - Before [buy the album]
* Kenan Bell - T.G.I.F. (feat. Aceyalone) [via RCRD LBL]
* Max Sedgley - Something Special (Crazy P Remix) [buy the EP]
* 65daysofstatic - Crash Tactics [pre-order the album][via Indie Shuffle]

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Mr. Chop - Good Life
Lili Haydn - Faithful One
Yuka Honda - I Dream About You

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April 08, 2010

Quiero Club

Guilty pleasure music today in the form of infectious Mexican electropop group Quiero Club. The band's 2009 release Nueva America is a slick good time.

Quiero Club - The Flow
Quiero Club - Darwin Mustard

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To? (Max Tundra remix)
Cut Chemist meets Shortkut - Solid Squealer
Adani & Wolf featuring Neobe - Wonderful Love

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April 02, 2010

Friday grab bag

* Sara Lowes - Night Times [buy the EP]
* Nice Nice - See Waves [buy the single]
* New Villager - Rich Doors [buy the compilation]
* These Are Powers - World Class Peoples [buy the EP]
* Padawin - No Rap, No Reggae [download the free compilation]
* The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It [album out 5/25]
* The Miracles Club - Light Of Love [buy the EP]

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Barbara Morgenstern - Fischland
Ruisort - and i love her
Passengers - Theme from The Swan [from the Swan]

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April 01, 2010

Reverse Engineering

Please to enjoy some excellent abstract hip-hop from Reverse Engineering, whose new record Highly Complex Machinery is a futuristic miasma of sound. M.Sayyid of Antipop Consortium pops up several times throughout the album to great effect.

Reverse Engineering - Miracle That Glows (feat. M.Sayyid)
Reverse Engineering - Instant Art (feat. Jasmine)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Golden Palominos - Ride
Alien Army - Daily Nightmares
Critters Buggin' - Snaggletooth

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