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May 29, 2009


Fischerspooner haven't put out an album since 2005, so their new release Entertainment was a welcome sight. I never really got tired of electroclash (if that's what the kids are calling it these days), and this new release sounds as electric and excellent as my favorite tracks off the band's debut.

Fischerspooner - The Best Revenge
Fischerspooner - Door Train Home

In other news, I'm on vacation all next week and I haven't decided if I'll be posting from the swimming pool or not, so.

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Stereolab - Pause
The Golden Palominos - I'm Not Sorry
Madita - June

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May 28, 2009

School of Seven Bells

School of Seven Bells - My Cabal

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Nitin Sawhney - Nothing More
Alice Russell - All Else Can Wait
Out Hud - The Stoked American

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May 22, 2009

Friday grab bag

I'm heading to the Gorge for the Sasquatch Music Festival, and won't be back to the interwebs until Wednesday at the earliest. Given that I won't be posting until late next week, here's an extry big Friday grab bag to hopefully tide you over.

Music Go Music - Reach Out (buy the single)
Mux Mool - MERLINFIST! (buy the EP)
Gravious - World Of Tomorrow (buy the EP)
Sébastien Tellier - Kilometer (buy the album)
William Orbit - Optical Illusions (Trenchman remix) (buy the EP)

And of course:

Mnozil Brass - Bohemian Rhapsody

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Tricky - Christian Sands (Imposter's Mix)
United State of Electronica - Emerald City
Bugs - Wrapped Up (Original Lo-Fi AM Demo Mix)

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May 21, 2009


Bluetech may not be breaking much new ground on his new release, The Divine Invasion, but I nevertheless appreciate another dose of this kind of old school ambient IDM. It's a sound that has faded into the rearview mirror a lot faster than I expected, but I guess I still have enough nostalgia in me to appreciate it when I hear it. Erik Davis (who, if memory serves, turned me on to Bluetech) wrote the liner notes for this release, which cribs its title from a Philip K. Dick novel; you can read those notes here.

Bluetech - Lost In An Imagined Labyrinth
Ace Ventura and Lish - The Light (Bluetech remix)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
DJ Krush - Most Wanted Man
The Orb - Into The Fourth Dimension (essenes in starlight)
Bill Hicks - Greetings

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May 19, 2009

Chad VanGaalen

Chad VanGaalen - Molten Light [Via Ectoplasmosis!]

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Balkan Beat Box - Hassan (Featuring Hassan Ben Jaffar)
Dictaphone - Rising Minimal
Halou - Alaska

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May 18, 2009

Hanne Hukkelberg

Hanne Hukkelberg might be getting a little less experimental with each release, but her idiosyncratic brand of electropop is still quite a treat. Her new record is called Blood From A Stone, and to my ears, tilted more toward an Emilie Simon type of sound than I was expecting - but hey, it's all good!

Hanne Hukkelberg - Blood From A Stone
Hanne Hukkelberg - In Here / Out There

Recently on Comfort Radio:
April March - Temps des Yoyos
Isabelle Antena - Antena
Royce - Big Tears

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May 15, 2009

Friday grab bag

Fredo Viola - The Turn (Fink Remix)
Praveen & Benoít - Chiaroscuro (Daedelus Remix)
José Gonzalez - Killing For Love (Todd Terje brokeback mix)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
King Missile - Fourthly
Digitalverein - Origins and Evolution
chapeau claque - end of tape mix

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May 14, 2009


Capetown - Mr. Telephone
Kat: "sort of a citizen cope-y song with really high production value, weird dreamy animation"

Recently on Comfort Radio:
IUNO - Fracture
Dubtribe Sound System - Samba DUB
The Monkees - Head Radio Spot (prev unissued)

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May 13, 2009


Netlabel Peppermill Records offers another distinctive experimental indie pop release, this time from Mexican artist Volumina. I first heard this artist on Peppermill's awesome compilation of TV theme song covers The Box; Volumina's track was distinctive in many ways (not simply because I couldn't for the life of me determine which theme was being presented). At any rate, on the free release This is our home, please come in!, we're treated to what it might sound like if Of Montreal, Au Revoir Simone, and Stereolab were dropped into a blender, and then made into frosting. No really, it's good stuff!

Volumina - Twist
Volumina - Hide And Seek
Volumina - The Rock & Roll Space Band

Recently on Comfort Radio:
alder & elius - introduction to the opposites (made remix)
Miniflex - Peach a St. Tropez
Lamb - Wonder (Dead Guys Remix)

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May 12, 2009

chapeau claque

chapeau claque - Pandora (Kiss Miss Tragedy)
Kat: "Oh hell yeah - creepy masks, burlesque fans, circus tricks. freaking rad."

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Of Montreal - Faberge Falls For Shuggie
Tarwater - jackie
johnny kawasaki (nelly remix) - ride with my booty

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May 11, 2009

No Kids

Yummy indie chamber pop today from No Kids, from their 2008 release Come Into My House. Slick vocals, strategic hints of funk, and a sprightly attitude combine for a great effect.

No Kids - For Halloween
No Kids - The Beaches All Closed

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Imogen Heap - Getting Scared
Big Hat - Fossil
Sepia - Age Of Cool

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May 08, 2009


Hauschka - Morgenrot [Via Coilhouse]

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Free Design - Starlight
Talvin Singh - Decca
Of Montreal - Pancakes For One

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May 07, 2009

"War Child: Heroes"

One of my recent obsessions has been tracking down interesting cover versions of songs for this gigantic covers playlist I keep on my iPod. In fact, last weekend I spun a 2-hour set comprised solely of covers. Imagine my delight, then, to stumble across the new compilation War Child: Heroes, in which 16 "legends" of music ask so-called "up and comers" to cover key tracks from their catalogs: so you get Scissor Sisters covering Roxy Music, Beck covering Bob Dylan, Peaches covering Iggy Pop, Franz Ferdinand covering Blondie, Elbow covering U2, etc. When it works, the results are outstanding. And hey, it's one of those "for a good cause" records, too, so please to be checking it out.

Duffy - Live And Let Die
TV On The Radio - Heroes

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Penetrators - Checkpoint ECHO
Bomb The Bass - So Special (Specialized by Michael Fakesch)
Breakbeat Era - Max

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May 06, 2009

Dizzee Rascal

"Hey, what's with the weird shark-head guy?"
"Oh, that's just Dizzee. He's, you know, bonkers."

Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers [Via The Docking Station]

Recently on Comfort Radio:
B. Fleischmann - Pass By
Passengers - A Different Kind of Blue
Takagi Kan - Love Formula (Brixton Bass Mix Dub)

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May 05, 2009


On their 2008 release Universe In Reverse, my favorite dance punk act Infadels veers toward hard-charging indie rock, and although I miss the beats, they've still got an energy that is hard to resist.

Infadels - Circus Of The Mad
Infadels - How To Disappear

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Bas Sheva - Lust
Aquilone - Ellipse
Luscious Jackson - Soothe Yourself

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May 01, 2009

Friday grab bag

Anni Rossi - Ecology, from the Afton EP
Local Natives - Airplanes, from Gorilla Manor (forthcoming)
Herbaliser - You're Not All That, from the !K7 Audio Files compilation

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Miho Hatori - In Your Arms
Dynamo Productions - Gotta Groove
Enon - Genie's Got Her Bag

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