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February 27, 2009

Friday grab bag

First up today: an absolutely delicious new release from Six Degrees Records. It's the debut record from Lal Meri, a band comprised of several interesting individuals - in particular, Ireesh Lal used to be in (may still be in?) a band called Animastik that my friend Roz played at my wedding reception years ago and I flipped out over. Animastik seems to have vanished from the radar - thank goodness Lal Meri came along! Band mate Carmen Rizzo wrote for Seal, which at one point in time is something you could say with a straight face, and is also a part of the excellent group Niyaz. They're joined by singer Nancy Kaye and have created an electropop/global fusion confection that is a total treat.

Lal Meri - Dreams of 18

Next up, heading in a completely direction, the abstract instrumental hip hop act Odd Nosdam just released a soundtrack to a film called This Is My Element, which is apparently a skateboard movie of some kind. I have no clue how music this weird and murky is meant to accompany skateboarding; no matter, as the music itself is a nice addition to the slowly expanding Odd Nosdam catalogue.

Odd Nosdam - Fly Mode

Thirdly, here is some kickass psychedelic pop that was apparently produced by Danger Mouse, who is, like, a famous person or something. The band is called The Shortwave Set, and this release is their sophomore effort, Replica Sun Machine. Press material compares them favorably to the Left Banke, which I can totally see - this music fuses that kind of chamber pop with some of the more candy-coated tendencies of a group like the Dissociatives, and pulls it off handily. You can get it now as an import if you're impatient, or wait a month for the domestic release.

The Shortwave Set - No Social

Finally, I couldn't be bothered to wait until next week to post this video:

Binärpilot - Robot Wars

OK I think that's it for this week. Whew!

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February 26, 2009

Laura Barrett

It's been a while since I've heard a release quite so mesmerizing as Laura Barrett's new record, Victory Garden. Principally driven by her dexterous use of a kalimba & supplemented by what sounds like the world's smallest orchestra, Barrett manages to create a delicate intensity that is irresistible.

Laura Barrett - Bluebird

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Bjork - Venus As A Boy (Anglo American Extension)

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February 24, 2009

Dave Bianchi

Dave Bianchi - That Stare
Kat: "i like this one a lot. super simple, but very well shot and cut, lots of fun with focus and frame rates. strangely hot for something that is all extreme closeups and awkward lip syncing."
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February 23, 2009

chapeau claque

Today brings some lovely indie pop from chapeau claque, whose 2008 release Fabelweiss is a catchy addition to the band's slowly expanding catalogue. I've been following them since they first appeared on a netlabel release under the name Zweiekkenkreis (thanks to an alert reader who pointed that out); the sound has grown more polished over time but still has a great playful quality. And of course, good thing for me I always ignore lyrics when I'm first listening to music, since these people have the strange habit of singing in German.

chapeau claque - 25°C im November
chapeau claque - Unsere Liebe-ein Storch

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February 20, 2009

Telefon Tel Aviv

If you are a fan of the elegantly crafted electronic sound of Telefon Tel Aviv, their most recent release, Immolate Yourself, is a bittersweet treat, given that one of the two members of the group, Charlie Cooper, passed away quite recently. In this day and age when long dead rap stars are still putting out "new" releases, it might be premature to assume this is the last we'll hear of TTA; but this likely does represent the last fully formed release under that name. How's it hold up? Personally I've always been more of an admirer of Telefon Tel Aviv than a fan, which somehow seems appropriate; to me, this record is on the same continuum as earlier releases, shimmering and moody, meticulous almost to a fault, often a little distant, and often surprisingly engaging.

Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds
Telefon Tel Aviv - Stay Away From Being Maybe

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February 19, 2009

The Oscillation

The Oscillation - Violations
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Tom Vek - That Can Be Arranged
Charlotte Hatherley - Behave
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February 18, 2009

Eliot Lipp

Eliot Lipp is one of those artists that I never get tired of hearing, even though every time he comes up on shuffle I have to check to remind myself who is making that excellent music. His latest release, Peace Love Weed 3D, is ostensibly a concept album in that every single track times out at around 4:20 (get it??). Beyond that unifying conceit, the overall style is a slightly disco-infused electrofunk that reminds me vaguely of what a hyped-up Ratatat might sound like.

Eliot Lipp - Yeah
Eliot Lipp - So Stoked

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February 17, 2009

Department of Eagles

Department of Eagles is back with more of their wacky experimental indiefolk, on the 2008 release In Ear Park. The album is a leisurely-paced treat, with its fair share of simple but effective hooks to pull you along.

Department of Eagles - No One Does It Like You
Department of Eagles - Floating On The Lehigh

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February 13, 2009

The Bird and The Bee

The Bird and The Bee make awesome retropop, the kind that makes me just kind of go "squee!" and jump up and down with glee. The duo's keyboardist is a producer for Lily Allen, which explains the electronic bounce that crept into this record as compared to their equally delightful debut from a year or two ago. From the 2009 release Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future.

The Bird And The Bee - My Love
The Bird And The Bee - Diamond Dave

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February 12, 2009

The Pinker Tones

The Pinker Tones - Karma Hunters
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Philip Glass - Mr. Suso 2 with Reflection
MF Doom - Krazy World (featuring Gigan)
Beck - E-Pro

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February 11, 2009

Mr. Chop

On the 2008 release Sounds From The Cave, electrofunk act Mr. Chop delivers a tight, gritty platter of psychedelic mayhem.

Mr. Chop - The Caveman
Mr. Chop - Snob

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February 10, 2009


Calmer - Open Source
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Faze Action - Horizons
Tricky - Dear God
Rachel's - Southbound to Marion

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February 08, 2009

Giveaway: Teargas & Plateglass

Today's post brings the promise of actual physical media delivered to your doorstep. The fine folks at Waxploitation provided me with a box full of music by Teargas & Plateglass to give away: 10 copies of their 2007 CD Black Triage, 10 copies of their beautifully packaged vinyl 10" single "Plague Burial," and 10 copies of their similarly striking vinyl 10" single "One Day Across The Valley." If you're not familiar with the band's lush avant goth sound, here's a sample track:

Teargas & Plateglass - Simplify This Landscape With Darkness

If you're interested, please email me at scotto (at) comfortradio.org and be sure to indicate if you prefer CD, vinyl, or either. The first 30 people to respond will get the goods; I'll also be posting this at my other blog, DoseNation, so act now while the getting's good!

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February 06, 2009

The Starseeds

Although I've nominally been a fan of The Starseeds ever since I first heard one of their tracks on one of the old Feed Your Head compilations, I never bothered tracking down any of their albums until just the other day. Their release There Is Enough For Everyone, dating back to the year 2000, is both lush and grungy, as well as a little bit groovy.

The Starseeds - Starman
The Starseeds - Follow Me

I often joke that Comfort Radio will someday be an oldies station, particularly if I keep adding music that's almost a decade old, because with few exceptions, once an album goes into rotation, we never pull it down. With 263 gigabytes of music in rotation (44,498 tracks at the moment), that's a lot of music that to my ears has mostly aged like fine wine. Anyway, for no apparent reason, here's the track that first turned me on to The Starseeds, from 1999:

The Starseeds - Heavensairportcoffeeshoprestaurant

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February 04, 2009


Suphala studied tabla under Zakir Hussain, then fused her percussive prowess with an elegant, minimalistic style of electronica; she occupies a similar territory as Talvin Singh, not as lush in terms of production but no less rich in terms of style and substance. Here are a couple tracks from her 2007 release, Blueprint.

Suphala - Maybe There's A Place Where Someday Just You and I Can Go (feat. Vikter Duplaix)
Suphala - Underwater City

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February 02, 2009

Alice Russell

Nothing like some serious soul singing to cheer a boy up on an unusually rotten Monday... thanks to Quantic Soul Orchestra collaborator Alice Russell, whose sophomore release Pot of Gold is indeed a treasure.

Alice Russell - Turn And Run
Alice Russell - Got The Hunger?

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Stereolab - Bop Scotch
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