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January 30, 2009

Friday grab bag

During my never-ending quest to acquire everything Barbara Morgenstern releases, I came across this excellent remix - one of three excellent remixes available on the Come To Berlin Remixe EP.

Barbara Morgenstern - Come To Berlin (Telefon Tel Aviv remix)

Lily Allen's infectious new single "The Fear" is percolating about, and this delightful little remix adds a healthy bounce to an already enjoyable track.

Lily Allen - The Fear (Wideboys Prime Time Remix)

And here's a nice little acid jazz workout to close things out. From the 2008 release Remixed, by Ensemble du Verre.

Ensemble du Verre - Ra (Meitz 100% Recycle Remix)

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AK-Momo - Greasy Spoon
Eivind Aarset - Electro Magnetic In E

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January 29, 2009


Vast - Pretty When You Cry [Via DoseNation]
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TransGlobal Underground - Take The A Tram
Panjabi MC - Beware of the Boys-(Switch Mix)
Fiona Apple - Not About Love

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January 28, 2009


Today brings some beautiful modern classical from Hauschka, whose 2008 release Ferndorf (named after the composer's hometown in Germany) is a lovely avant tour that reminded me just how much some of my favorite ambient music is intertwined with the evolution of classical music in the modern era. On his Myspace page, the composer describes this as "experimental pianomusic," but also tags it as "electronica" - it's a sign of how elegant the compositions are that you don't seem to notice the electronics in the mix at all.

Hauschka - Blue Bicycle
Hauschka - Heimat

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songs to wear pants to - thai
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - All My Eggs in One Basket

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January 27, 2009

Odd Nosdam

Odd Nosdam - Kill Tone
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Boards Of Canada - Solarium
On An Ocean Amp - New Clicky
Martin White - Army Of Me (Accordion Mix)

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January 26, 2009

B. Fleischmann

B. Fleischmann returns with probably his most accessible album yet, integrating smooth & lovely vocal turns into his IDM-meets-electropop approach. From the late 2008 release Angst Is Not A Weltanschauung.

B. Fleischmann - 24.12.
B. Fleischmann - Last Time We Met At A T&TT Concert

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Dntel - Rock My Boat (Feat. Mia Doi Todd)
Savath + Savalas - Slabulas
Simian - When I Go

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January 23, 2009

Peter Gabriel

It doesn't seem like this has completely saturated the Interwebs yet, so here's an interesting treat, a cover of a Vampire Weekend song (yes, it's the one where the lyrics name check Peter Gabriel):

Hot Chip & Peter Gabriel - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

It's not surprising that PG is once again intersecting with interesting indie music culture. In fact, on one CD single, PG introduced me to both The Polyphonic Spree and Elbow:

Peter Gabriel - More Than This (The Polyphonic Spree Remix)
Peter Gabriel - More Than This (Elbow Remix)

And this cover tune is how I learned about Joseph Arthur, who recorded his first two albums on the Real World label:

Peter Gabriel - In The Sun

Way back before I ever paid serious attention to music, this remix was how I learned about Massive Attack:

Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers (Massive/DB Mix)

I'm sure a few people learned about William Orbit via PG as well, before Orbit became huge producing Madonna etc:

Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street (William Orbit Mix)

He's obviously a fan of remix culture in general, hosting remix competitions on his web site and allowing Hardage to completely revisit one of his older tunes recently:

Hardage - Big Time (feat. Peter Gabriel)

Of course, he's had his missteps (memo: a duet with Shaggy is in no one's interest, really), but overall, PG has regularly chosen interesting collaborators throughout the years. Meanwhile, just to cap this post off, here's a slick little mash-up I came across on Hype Machine recently (via Are You Embarrassed Easily Too?):

Bobby Martini - Crazy In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel vs. Gnarls Barkley)

I'm actually surprised at my own restraint in waiting 4.5 years to devote a post on this blog to my favorite musician. My wife and I spent our honeymoon following PG up the west coast, seeing him six times from San Diego up to Vancouver. I think I always imagined that some quarters would view a post on PG as "jumping the shark" - but then, a day after I heard the old classic "Biko" on KEXP, a different DJ played this new Hot Chip collab, and it made me realize what a tremendous influence PG continues to have. This post has been a damn long time in the making!

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January 22, 2009


Efterklang - Mirador
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Joseph Arthur - Ashes Everywhere
Satellite Grooves - Accepting What Was Left Behind And The Future Journey
Yma Sumac - Wimoweh

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January 21, 2009

Science For Girls

Sorry for the slow & sporadic updates this week; haven't been feeling too hot for various reasons. I did pull something off an old wish list that I'd forgotten about, a self-titled album by a band called Science For Girls who sent me their demo a while back. I always meant to check the record out when it finally got released, but you know how things are... anyway, it's a very smooth, electropop-meets-AOR kind of experience, and it suits my mood right now for sure. No rough edges here, no sir.

Science For Girls - You'll Never Know
Science For Girls - 14 Days

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Broken Social Scene - Love And Mathematics
Gas - Drei
XTC - Then She Appeared

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January 20, 2009

Ten Kens

Ten Kens - Spanish Fly [Thanks April!]
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The Alpha Conspiracy - Waterfall
Pest - Dr. Umz
Solina - salsus!

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January 16, 2009

Celery Moon

Time for this month's mix from Celery Moon - a stomping 55.5 minutes (110 MB) of delectable techno goodness.

Celery Moon - Good Morning Stardust IX

01 Digitalism - Echoes (Siriusmo Remix)
02 Futurecop - Nasa
03 The Latenight Society - Times Have Changed
04 Bjork - There's More To Life Than This
05 Oliver Koletzki - Requiem fur die Vernunft (Luetzenkirchen Dub)
06 Renet Gaston - Valle Del Armes (Laidback Luke Remix)
07 Etienne De Crecy - Prix Choc
08 Booka Shade - Sweet Lies (Jamie Stevens Remix)
09 Paul Kalkbrenner - Gebrunn Gebrunn
10 Tripple A - Freaky Disco
11 Rex The Dog - Bubblicious (Jesper Dalback Remix)
12 Bob Sinclair - Champs Elysses Theme
13 I:Cube - Disco Cubizm (Daft Punk Remix)
14 Lykke Li - Breaking It Up (Pocketknife Extended Mix)
15 Shhh Browne - DMD (Anoraak Sunset Mix)
16 L Boogie - Disco Jackin
17 Trankilou - Atom Funk
18 Crazy Penis - Love On The Line (Art Of Tone's Photon Dub)
19 Digitalism - Taken Away (Lalory Remix)
20 Jonny White - Dominatrix (DJ Sneak Edit)
21 Le Grand Popo Football Club - My Territory (Italo Mix)
22 College - When You Smile
23 You Love Her Coz She's Dead - Wizards
24 In Flagranti - Brush My Beat
25 Will Young - Grace (Tom Neville Instrumental)
26 Thunderheist - Whateveruneed
27 Hijack - Sketch Out
28 Ted & Francis - Erlend (Remix)
29 Space Drums - Tribal Con Passion
30 Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds
31 Qoso - Smiley Soup

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Bollywood Brass Band - Dum Maro Dum (Hackney Hifi Rerub)
Tony Rey & The Librarians - i want to be your baby tonight
Tiki Obmar - Some Kids Like Cartoons

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January 15, 2009


Menomena - Evil Bee [Thanks, Tom!]
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Breakestra - At The End Of The Day
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Dear Mr. Salesman
aquaboogie - woozy dog

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January 14, 2009


Deadbeat delivers another platter chock full of ambient dub goodness, on the 2008 release Roots and Wire.

Deadbeat - Rise Again (feat. Paul St. Hilaire)
Deadbeat - Roots and Wire

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Funckarma - Brik
Karma Sutra - Bhagwan
Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar

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January 13, 2009

De Rosa

De Rosa - Robin Song
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Architecture In Helsinki - Nevereverdid (YACHT Remix)
Shrift - Lost in A Moment
My Scarlet Life - Cold Dinner for Elvis

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January 12, 2009


Here's some weirdly iterative IDM from Rumpistol to start the week off right. From the 2008 release Dynamo.

Rumpistol - Transit
Rumpistol - Beito

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St. Germain - Dub Experience
Blackalicious - Side To Side
Clifford Gilberto - Restless

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January 09, 2009

Friday grab bag

Here's some catchy & melodic indie pop from NYC band Xylos, from their debut EP called Bedrooms - which you can snag for free here.

Xylos - In The Bedroom

Here's some lovely indie folk from DM Stith, from the Curtain Speech EP; Asthmatic Kitty label-mates Sufjan Stevens and Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond appear on this track. The EP heralds the release of a full-length album in March; I'll be looking out for it.

DM Stith - Around The Lion Legs

File this one under guilty pleasure: Dragonette makes music that is simultaneously gritty and glam, luxuriating in pop & new wave cliches and doing them justice. From the 2008 release Galore.

Dragonette - True Believer

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Osymyso - I Heard It With My Ears
The Aprils - END OF DREAM - Closing
Messer Chups - Orgia of dead 2

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January 08, 2009

The Real Tuesday Weld

The Real Tuesday Weld - Kix [Via Kat]
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haujobb - untitled
Sorten Muld - Dagmar
Trans Am - Climbing Up The Ladder (Parts III and IV)

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January 07, 2009

maus haus

maus haus delivers an engagingly weird and groovy blend of experimental electronica and grungy indie rock, on their 2008 release, Lark Marvels. They've been opening for the likes of Black Moth Super Rainbow and Four Tet, and it's not hard to understand why.

maus haus - Rigid Breakfast
maus haus - We Used Technology But Technology Let Us Down
maus haus - Reaction

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Deep Dish - Awake Enough
Orb - ABTU - Pattern And Textures Version
dudley - point of disgust

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January 06, 2009

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon - Pink Batman
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Tricky - Tonite Is a Special Nite [Kaos Mass Confusion Mix]
if:then:goto - easy (bad loop remix)
Afro Celt Sound System - Riding The Waves

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January 05, 2009


My wife cleverly bought me the self-titled debut album by Lenka for Christmas, and it completely brightened my day upon hearing it for the first time. It's a tour de force of compelling & lovely indie pop, so completely charming from start to finish that I'm smiling right now just thinking about it.

Lenka - The Show
Lenka - Bring Me Down

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Poi Dog Pondering - Pulling Touch
Dosh - Pink Floyd Cowboy Song
ccc - Got To Get You In The Mood

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