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October 31, 2008

Friday grab bag

Here's some good old-fashioned swanky techno from André Obin, on his latest EP, Premonition.

André Obin - xo 1979

The netlabel scene provides us with this electroclash thumper on the totally free compilation Netwaves Bytes: Electro 1.

DDR Rhythm - Fred's Track

And for Halloween, here's a nice, scary track. I do like how they seem to go bonkers half way through when they realize they are actually committing this song to tape.

The Chap - What's Love Got To Do With It

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Dragonfly - Another Day
I'm not a Gun - Every Moment Is Ours
Liquid Cop - Prissy Goes To Beauty School

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October 29, 2008

School of Seven Bells

School of Seven Bells, a side project of Ben Curtis from Secret Machines, creates atmospheric but melodic fuzz, as though Lush had reformed as an electropop group. From the 2008 release Alpinisms.

School of Seven Bells - Connjur
School of Seven Bells - Chain

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Nicky Skopelitis - Witness
Coldcut - My Telephone
Les Baxter & His Orchestra - Saturday Night On Saturn

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October 27, 2008

Juliette Commagére

One of the most interesting albums I've come across recently is the debut release by Juliette Commagére, whose sound is a weird and lovely mix of pulsing synthesizer rock and ethereal Kate Bush-style prog pop. The title track, "Queens Die Proudly," sounds like Muse and the Afro Celts sat in for a session to back her up, with addictive results; but the midtempo numbers throughout the record are equally compelling and unpredictable. This was one of those records where my first response after listening to it was to start it over from the first track. From the 2008 release Queens Die Proudly.

Juliette Commagére - Queens Die Proudly
Juliette Commagére - Everything I Love

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Khonnor - Economics
Dub Tractor - five 6
Garbage - Deadwood

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October 24, 2008


On the new record Drama by Bitter:Sweet, the "baroque trip hop" group Bitter:Sweet offers a satisfyingly crunchy take on the otherwise silky smooth world of loungepop. eMusic is responsible for that "baroque trip hop" tag, which I'd never heard before but it does have a bit of a ring to it; I like the cabaret underpinnings of this stuff regardless.

Bitter:Sweet - Come Along With Me
Bitter:Sweet - Drama

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Apparat & Raz Ohara - Holdon (Chris De Luca vs. Phon.o rmx)
DJ Spooky vs. The Freight Elevator Quartet - Variation On a Freight Theme (Live)
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Love is Here to Stay

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October 22, 2008

Simon Bookish

Simon Bookish is not afraid to ask that musical question, "What drugs will we be on, and for how long?" On his new release, Everything/Everything, Bookish teeters right on the precipice of some kind of strange parody, yet somehow manages to pull off his highly affected brand of eccentric pop crooning with style and aplomb.

Simon Bookish - Portrait Of The Artist As A Fountain
Simon Bookish - Synchrotron

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Loop Guru - White Light
jhno - let the beautiful crust form
Noise for Pretend - Due to Lamplooking

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October 20, 2008

Celery Moon

Let's kick off the week with another nice long mix from Celery Moon, clocking in at 84.5 minutes (115 megabytes) of delicious techno goodness.

Celery Moon - Good Morning Stardust VII

01 Mondkopf - Ave Maria (I:Cube Remix)
02 Alland Byallo & Kenneth Scott - Tomorrow (Forgotten Bells Remix)
03 Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Patrick Alavi Remix)
04 The Martin Brothers - Dum
05 Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Faze Action Remix)
06 Aphex Twin - Analogue Bubblebath (Dumb Dan Edit)
07 Duke Dumont - Feltham
08 Kenny Dope - Flying
09 Trus’me - Tony Does What Tony Wants
10 Hot Chip - Hold On (Mock N Toof Remix)
11 Underworld - Dark & Long
12 Trevor Loveys - Funny Bizzniz
13 Ladytron - Runaway (James Zabiela Remix)
14 Deadmau5 - I Remember (Dub)
15 Discodeine - Joystick (Tomyboy Mix)
16 Mr Oizo - Jo
17 Fan Death - Money’s Right (Instrumental)
18 MANDY & Booka Shade - O Superman (Housecat Remix
19 Melee Beats - Loving You
20 Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy (Grandmaster Flash Remix)
21 Bobby Evans - Freak-A-Zoid Robotz
22 Foals - Olympic Airways (Ewan Pearson Remix)
23 The Embassy - Tell Me About Panache
24 John Dahlback - Kokohukka
25 Ladyhawke - My Delirium (JBAG Remix)
26 Gui.tar - Through Your Headphones
27 Lykke Li - Little Bit (Loving Hand Remix)
28 Plaid - White’s Dream (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
29 Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont Reconstruction)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Lesbians On Ecstasy - Tell Me Does She Love The Bass (Sean Kosa's The Jealous Mix)
Mumbles - At the Mountains of Madness
Apathy, 7L, and Esoteric - You Can Try

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October 17, 2008


Three different people have mentioned Deadmau5 to me recently, which is strange given my well advertised aversion to house music. But this stuff - tech house or progressive house or whatever the hell style of house this is - overwhelmingly brought to mind what first attracted me to techno music in general, how the best of it could manage to sound warm and organic without ever making you suspect an actual acoustic instrument had anything to do with producing it. From the 2008 release Random Album Title.

Deadmau5 - Slip
Deadmau5 - I Remember (feat. Kaskade)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Dierdre - Thoughts Of You
UK Gold - Fight The Reaper
Her Space Holiday - Forever And A Day

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October 15, 2008

Bomb The Bass

Bomb The Bass is back with his first record in thirteen years, and it turns out to be an excellent if unassuming little platter of techno. Featuring guests like Fujiya & Miyagi, Mark Lanegan and Jon Spencer handling the vocals, this new release, Future Chaos, is a welcome update to BTB's style.

Bomb The Bass - Smog
Bomb The Bass - Old John

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Fingathing - Head to Head
Ratatat - Cherry
Mandalay - Not Seventeen (Futureshock Alt. Mix)

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October 13, 2008

TV On The Radio

In case you're one of the four people in the world who hadn't heard, the new TV On The Radio record, Dear Science, is pretty damn excellent. We saw them play a couple weeks ago and their live show was also, uh, pretty damn excellent. Yeah, guess that's it.

TV On The Radio - Golden Age
TV On The Radio - Red Dress

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Nicolette - High Wave
Bongwater - What If
Boom Boom Satellites - An Owl

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October 10, 2008

Friday grab bag

Here's some good old fashioned ambient dub in the old school style. From the 2007 release West Coast.

Studio - West Coast

For no good reason whatsoever, please to enjoy this Peter Gabriel cover by Ruby Isle, from the album Night Shot.

Ruby Isle - Solsbury Hill (feat. Amy Dykes)

And this ought to send you off into your weekend on a high note. Cheers!

Herbie Hancock - Wiggle Waggle (Mr. Scruff Club Mix)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
UNKLE - Be There (Underdog Remix)
Susumu Yokota - Form An Idea
Afro Celt Sound System - Amber

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October 09, 2008


Deastro makes a charming brand of prog-influenced techno on his debut record, Keeper's, which is one of the first albums released by eMusic's boutique label. The artwork for this one is over the top beautiful, and matches the beautifully bizarre tone of the record almost perfectly.

Deastro - Wind Powered
Deastro - Leah's Daughter The Giraffe

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Sia - Little Black Sandals
Spiritualized - Symphony Space
Pete Rock - Intrigue

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October 06, 2008


Languorous & silky downtempo today from Elsiane, whose Lou Rhodes impression is pretty impressive. From the 2007 release Hybrid.

Elsiane - Mend (To Fix, To Repair)
Elsiane - Across The Stream

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Books - The Lemon Of Pink
B. Fleischmann - Frisky He Said
Stefano Torossi - Running Fast

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October 03, 2008


Chicago-based Allá is the latest in a long line of Motown-influenced, Latin-oriented psychedelic pop. Or, maybe somewhere near the front of that line, it's hard to keep track. From the 2008 debut Es Tiempo.

Allá - Un Pedazo
Allá - Tu Y Yo

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Martinibomb - The Love God
Bauchklang - Good You Do
Funckarma - Velvet

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October 01, 2008

Michael Knight

Aside from having an unfortunate moniker from the perspective of trashy '80s pop culture, Michael Knight offers a delectably weird take on chamber rock, as though Sufjan Stevens took a bit too much Ambien and then wandered into the studio. From the 2008 release I'm Not Entirely Clear How I Ended Up Like This.

Michael Knight - Dumbshow
Michael Knight - Coronation Street

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Nino Moschella - Better Off
Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse
Blonde Redhead - Pink Love

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