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July 30, 2008

Andy Votel

My knowledge of Brazilian psychedelic rock is limited to that one Os Mutantes greatest hits CD on my shelf, so imagine how pleased I was to come across the very entertaining Brazilika compilation, handily mixed together by Andy Votel, seemingly designed explicitly to broaden my horizons about this entire genre of strange and wonderful sounds. I realize I could do the work to go figure this stuff out on my own, but my laziness is well served by the convenience of Votel slapping some highlights together.

Novos Baianos/Tim Maia/Vila Sesamo - Baby Consuelo/Flores Beles/Funga Funga
Novos Baianos - Tinindo Trincando

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Rachel's - Cuts the Metal Cold
Venus Hum - Montana
The Pharcyde - My Soul

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July 28, 2008


Here's some charming, understated, vaguely melancholy electrofolk from Tunng, on their 2007 release, Good Arrows.

Tunng - Take
Tunng - Bullets

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Bipolar Controller - subconscious interlude
Slug - Escape Route
Doug Wimbish - Just Another Minute

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July 25, 2008

Friday grab bag

Here's a tight little stomper by Nicolette, by way of an outstanding "remake" by Makossa & Megablast. From the 2008 EP release No Government.

Nicolette - No Government (Makossa & Megablast Remake)

Here's a little sliver of electropop goodness from the latest Cassettes Won't Listen EP (or is it an LP - at 7 tracks, the debate could rage forever!), entitled Small-Time Machine.

Cassettes Won't Listen - Metronomes

And here's another one for Kat - it makes the brain all hurty hurty, yes indeed.

Girl Talk - I Want You Back

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Telefon Tel Aviv - Jouzu Desu Ne
Mochipet - Evidence (Featuring Khem)
Ulrich Schnauss - ...Passing By

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July 23, 2008

Big Blue Ball

In the early '90s, Peter Gabriel used to host "recording weeks" at Real World Studios, big music parties pulling together artists across a wide range of genres and cultures to collaborate in an atmosphere of spontaneity and experimentation. Eighteen years later, Gabriel and his cohorts finally got around to releasing the results: a melange of a record called Big Blue Ball. Fans of the Real World sound will recognize many of the collaborators on hand, and some of the tracks sound very much like they'd be right at home on a modern Gabriel record; but there are plenty of interesting surprises as well.

Big Blue Ball - Habibe (feat. Natacha Atlas)
Big Blue Ball - altus sliva (feat. Joseph Arthur)

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The Faint - Cars Pass In Cold Blood
Infadels - Girl That Speaks No Words (Live)
Massive Attack - Risingson (Underdog Mix)

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July 21, 2008


There have been times in my life when it has seemed like over 50% of the storage capacity of my MP3 player was dedicated to tracks by Daedelus - and I would still find myself checking the display every ten minutes when some cool new track came on that I couldn't recognize, only to be surprised yet again by the fact that, oh, it's Daedelus. The weirdo beatmeister's new album Love To Make Music To is another release that sounds just like you'd expect a Daedelus record to sound like - in other words, weirdly unpredictable and full of surprising grooves.

Daedelus - Make It So
Daedelus - I Took Two

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Peter Gabriel - Keine Selbstkontrolle
Eliot Lipp - Last Night
Delarosa and Asora - Ossabaw

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July 18, 2008

Celery Moon

Here's another long form mix from Celery Moon, clocking in at 64 minutes (88 megabytes) of excellent upbeat techno.

Celery Moon - Good Morning Stardust V

01 Raiders Of The Lost ARP - Summer 1986
02 Lykke Li - Im Good, Im Gone (Fred Falke Remix)
03 Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Most Wanted
04 Trentemoller & Vonstroke - Want 2 Need 2 Whistle Chicago
05 Chas Jankel - Get Yourself Together (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
06 Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)
07 John Dahlback - I Had A Feeling
08 Felix Da Housecat- Rude Allegiance
09 The Touch - Regain Control
10 Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Calvin Harris Remix)
11 Simian Mobile Disco - Wood (Danton Eeprom Remix)
12 Pink Skull - Drugs Will Keep Us Together (Trevor Loveys Remix)
13 33Hz - Crazy All The Time (Magik Johnson Remix)
14 Ian Pooley - It’s You
15 The Whip - Blackout (Popular Computer Remix)
16 Professor Genius - Pegaso (Silver & Kane Remix)
17 The Black Ghosts - I want Nothing
18 8otto - 0zero (Herve Remix)
19 Moby - I Love To Move In Here (Holy Ghost Remix)
20 Jesse Rose & Trevor Loveys - Heavy What?
21 Daedelus - Make It So (XXXChange Remix)
22 Bjork - Alarm Call (Alan Braxe & Ben Diamond Edit)
23 Red Astaire - For The Time
24 Egyptian Lover - Egypt Ear Work
25 Richard Bartz - Voyager
26 In Flagranti - Nonchalant
27 Euro Johannes - Lipton Service Boy
28 Kleerup - Thank You For Nothing

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Strange Voices - All Right For Now (3 Times Infinity Mix)
Bitmap - Someone To Call My Own (Part 2)
Sigur Ros - Syndir Guus (Recycled by Mum)

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July 16, 2008

Ave. To

I was going to call the debut record by Ave. To an example of "kickass acid jazz," but apparently, per the band's press materials, they are actually "cosmopolitan beat science" and "aural trilateral symmetry." (Suck on that, ignorant music blogger!) Anyway, it's good stuff, like a more soul-infused Thievery Corp. From the 2008 release Three Way Intersection.

Ave. To - Gallery Place
Ave. To - Natural

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Four Tet - Calamine
Funki Porcini - It's a Long Road
Incognito With Omar & Anna Caram - Water To Drink

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July 14, 2008

Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar

I thought I'd essentially heard all the "Balkan brass" music I ever needed to hear, but then someone pointed me toward the 2008 release Go Marko Go! Brass Madness, by Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar - okay, so I can pay attention to a little more Balkan brass, especially when it's as incredibly energetic as these folks.

Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar - Evo je Mlada
Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar - Dzumbus Funk

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Tortoise - The Taut & Tame (Luke Vibert Remix)
The Sundays - Goodbye
Shpongle - Linguistic Mystic

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July 11, 2008

Happy arbitrary milestone, Comfort Music!

Hey, tomorrow it's the blog's birthday - we started posting July 12th, 2004, a whopping four years ago, and to celebrate, CHECK OUT THE PHAT NEW REDESIGN!

I really wanted to do something special for the birthday this year, but all that occurred to me was to do something lazy instead. So here are all the songs I posted in our first week of existence, back when I was still posting five times a week. That week, I was running with an "old favorites of mine" theme to warm up to daily publishing, so the songs weren't even particularly timely when I first posted them. Isn't it awesome how much less timely they are today! (I'm pretty sure for the blog's fifth birthday, I'll be posting from my K-Tel Super Hits of the Week of July 12th, 1978 box set.) Still, I will take my first week against any other music blogger's first week, any day. That week was bright, shiny, filled with promise and ambient techno. It's all those subsequent weeks where things start to go very, very wrong for Comfort Music.

Anyway, whatever. Back to normal laziness next week.

The Grid - Angel Tech (feat. Sheila Chandra)
jhno - my mind is aglow
Lush - Undertow (Spooky Remix)
Voodoo Warriors of Love - Believe
Joi - Asian Vibes
Recoil - Red River Cargo
23 Degrees - Going Fast (Trail Mix)
The Starseeds - Heavensairportcoffeeshoprestaurant
Sola - Set Free
Pigeonhed - Glory Bound (Dave Ruffy Mix)

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July 09, 2008

Voyager One

Here's some seriously fuzzed out "trip rock", for lack of a batter term, from Voyager One, a Seattle band that will soon be playing the Capitol Hill Block Party if you're in the neighborhood. Their 2008 release, Afterhours in the Afterlife, is shimmery and gritty at the same time - neat trick!

Voyager One - Here
Voyager One - Ocean Grey

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Deadbeat - Ruination
Controller7 - Rain Men (remix)
Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - Big Nick

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July 07, 2008


On their new record Verbs, the quirky indie pop band Au serves up some delightfully eclectic and experimental compositions. It's a gentle yet engaging album, occasionally crossing over into downright wacky.

Au - Are Animals
Au - RR Vs. D

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Russian Futurists - It's Over, It's Nothing
Smith & Mighty - Year 2000 (featuring Niji 40 and L.D.)
Halou - Today

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July 02, 2008

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

One of the Sasquatch bands I intended to do follow-up research on was Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, a weirdo psychedelic chamber rock group with seriously theatrical overtones. Their self-titled debut album does not disappoint; it's all over the map in a vaguely prog fashion but ultimately the songs keep boiling down to really good hooks and a cleverly upbeat style.

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Hey Momma'
Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Birds (On A Day Like Today)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Alien Radio Station - New LSD
Cypress Hill - Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Fugees Remix)
Juergen Paape - so weit wie noch nie

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