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April 30, 2008


Elbow is back with yet another beautifully realized album of lush indie rock, called The Seldom Seen Kid. I have no idea why this band is not more famous by now; I always assume that everybody knows about these guys, but I keep getting blank stares when I mention them to friends. Sure, there's an understated quality about their sound that is potentially easy to overlook, but it doesn't take too many listens to realize this band is very nearly the ideal of rich yet intimate rock.

Elbow - The Bones Of You
Elbow - One Day Like This

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Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Axel Grease
Sly & the Family Stone - Babies Making Babies
Clue To Kalo - Nine Thousand Nautical Miles

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April 28, 2008

Vampire Weekend

Infectious indie pop today from Vampire Weekend, on their 2008 self-titled release. It's goofy good-time music, which is about what it takes to get me to enjoy indie pop as it turns out.

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma
Vampire Weekend - Walcott

Recently on Comfort Radio:
System7 - Gliding On Duo-Tone Curves (Cascade Mix)
Miles Davis - Bye Bye (Theme)
Luminfire - Jewel Scarabs

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April 25, 2008

Friday grab bag

The Go! Team provided a nice little remix for Future Loop Foundation, on the recent Six Weeks Holiday EP.

Future Loop Foundation - This Is Where We Live (Go! Team Remix)

As a conscientious citizen of the world, I would never recommend consuming angel dust - except in the form of this delectable slice of techno goodness.

Andre Obin - Angel Dust

Electropunk act Infadels have a new album coming out, which I have been VERY GODDAMN PATIENT ABOUT SO HURRY UP ALREADY. But in the meantime, a pre-release single definitely shows promise.

Infadels - Black Eyes And Love Bites

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Major - Irregular
Lederhosen Lucil - studio nonsense
Kohei Mihara - Imitatrix

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April 23, 2008

The Balustrade Ensemble

I think it's a sure sign of the impending apocalypse when I come across an album of ambient folk music, and actually like the damn thing. It's just wacky, this mixed-up world! From the album Capsules, by The Balustrade Ensemble.

The Balustrade Ensemble - Glorianders
The Balustrade Ensemble - Tangle In Delirium
The Balustrade Ensemble - Szól A Zene

Recently on Comfort Radio:
A Bossa Electrica - Consolacao
Lizz Wright - Old Man
Cibelle - Dia De Yemanja

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April 21, 2008

The Puppini Sisters

I was prepared to write off The Puppini Sisters as too gimmicky to take seriously - but then I actually heard it, and was entranced. Not only are the 3-part harmonies amazingly tight and beautiful (insert obligatory Andrews Sisters comparison here), but the band behind the women is outstanding as well. The result is an unexpected treat: a snazzy retro record that manages to sound fresh. From the 2007 release The Rise & Fall Of Ruby Woo.

The Puppini Sisters - Walk Like An Egyptian
The Puppini Sisters - Crazy In Love

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mass Producing Hate
Icotec - Birth Of The Pion
Louis Prima - Banana Split for My Baby

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April 18, 2008

Man Man

Man Man participate in the new tradition of fusing old school vaudeville or circus music aesthetics with modern experimental indie rock. The result: mayhem! From the new release Rabbit Habbits.

Man Man - Hurly / Burly
Man Man - Top Drawer

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Cat Empire - Manifesto
The Blow - How Naked Are We Going To Get?
Gas - Microscopic

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April 16, 2008


M83 are back with an album called Saturdays=Youth. They've tweaked their formula only slightly, this time out adding an ethereal female vocalist to the mix, but otherwise the signature is pretty much the same, and still pretty great: techno meets space rock meets hallucinatory swirly goodness.

M83 - Skin Of The Night
M83 - Couleurs

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Tuatara - Morocco (Remixed By DJ Spooky)
Pest - Rumourtism
Shantel - Bucovina

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April 14, 2008

Sayag Jazz Machine

Sayag Jazz Machine take Balkan influences, hip hop, and techno, and throw it all in a blender. The result is their latest record, No Me Digas, released last year. Of course, they're from Paris, so I'm potentially just imagining the Balkan influences, but you never know.

Sayag Jazz Machine - Slalom
Sayag Jazz Machine - Rezar

Recently on Comfort Radio:
plus-tech squeeze box - sneaker song!
Safety Scissors - Where Is Germany And How Do I Get There?
Of Montreal - I Was Never Young (Supersystem remix)

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April 11, 2008

"A Number of Small Things"

I recently stumbled across A Number of Small Things: A Collection of Morr Music Singles From 2001-2007, a 2-CD set that provides me with my semi-regular opportunity to fawn over this label's signature sound. Several likely suspects are on hand - Lali Puna, B. Fleischmann, Styrofoam, Masha Qrella - as well as quite a few acts I'd never heard before, leading me to wonder, "Hey, where the hell are these singles getting released?" Of course, the answer to that question is, I don't bother seeking out singles for artists I've never heard of - so thank goodness for a collection like this! Aaaaaaanyway...

Seavault - The Mercy Seat
Electric President - Good Ol' Boys
Populous - Blood Red Bird
B. Fleischmann - Frisky He Said

Recently on Comfort Radio:
cansei de ser sexy - superafim
The Beat - Mirror In The Bathroom
Deerhoof - CASt Off CROWN

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April 09, 2008

Los Campesinos!

I have been developing a weakness for indie power pop over the years, and along comes Los Campesinos! to further wear down my defenses. Aside from their overuse of exclamation points, and their Sufjan-esque titles (for instance, "This Is How You Spell 'Hahaha, We Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux-Romantics'" - which, let's be clear, is actually pretty hilarious), their music just sort of bounces and hops along in a giddy, unselfconscious fashion. From the 2008 release Hold On Now, Youngster...

Los Campesinos! - Death To Los Campesinos!
Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing!

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Caustic Window - Pigeon Street
DJ Spooky - Interlude: Journey Into Sound
braces tower - king of rock

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April 07, 2008


The new Goldfrapp album, Seventh Tree, is completely outstanding. It's perfectly crafted, lush and gorgeous, and just what I was hoping for. Thanks, Goldfrapp!

Goldfrapp - Little Bird
Goldfrapp - A&E

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Makyo - The Third Gate Of Dreams
Elbow - Flying dream 143
Ani DiFranco - Virtue

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April 04, 2008

The Cyanide Valentine

Here's some vaguely goth-inflected electropop to kick off your weekend, from The Cyanide Valentine, on their 2007 release The Three Sides of the Cyanide Valentine, which you can download all for free and stuff.

The Cyanide Valentine - Nosferatu
The Cyanide Valentine - Neanderthals
The Cyanide Valentine - Kate I'm Only Freaking/Amphetamina

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Fugees - Avenues
Bullfrog Ft. Kid Koala - Allright Music For More Morning People
Dead Heart Bloom - The Love Song You Always Wanted

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April 02, 2008

Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra

As Björk's most recent albums have wandered further and further into bland self-indulgence, along comes Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra to remind us of the glories of her earlier music. Live Bjorkestra MP3s have been floating around for a while now, but it's a treat to hear a full album's worth of proper recordings of these experimental big band versions of catalog Björk tunes. As with Björk's music itself, the more recent tunes are less successful, but the album hangs together surprisingly well, surpassing the notion that this is just a novelty project. From the album Enjoy.

Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra - Hyperballad
Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra - Army Of Me

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Future Sound Of London - Made Contact Internal
The M's - Trucker Speed
Eblake - Shen Hua

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