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February 29, 2008

Friday grab bag

Here's a stomping track from the 2007 Six Degrees compilation Global Dancefloor: A Collection of Global Dance. The collection's lineup is about what you'd expect, featuring the likes of Karsh Kale, Midival Punditz, etc., but this track in particular is quite a stand out.

Niyaz - Dilruba (Andy Gray Grayed Out Remix)

And to accompany that track, from the 2006 compilation Gypsy Beats And Balkan Bangers, here's another little stomper, albeit from another direction entirely.

Mahala Raï Banda - Mahalageasca (Felix B Jaxxhse Dubb)

And here's some entertaining new electropop, on the self-released, self-titled EP from Pretty Good Dance Moves. They claim their music is for fans of Junior Boys, Portishead, Postal Service, and Cat Power; I would say two out of four is not bad at all, and I leave it as an exercise for the listener to determine which two.

Pretty Good Dance Moves - P.G.D.M.

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Why? - Gemini (Birthday Song)
Big Hat - Fallen Angel
Delarosa and Asora - Airbrush (clogged)

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February 27, 2008


"Modeselektor? I hardly know her!"

Thank you, two shows nightly. From the 2007 release Happy Birthday.

Modeselektor - The White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke)
Modeselektor - Déboutonner (feat. Siriusmo)
Modeselektor - Edgar

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Tori Amos - Losing My Religion
Alabama 3 - Strobe Life
Juxtaposition - The Organist

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February 25, 2008


I feel guilty for saying this, but you know what? The new Hooverphonic album is kind of good. I know what you're saying: "Hooverphonic is still making records?" Go figure! This one's called The President Of The LSD Golf Club, and it's got some nice pop treats on it.

Hooverphonic - 50 Watt
Hooverphonic - The Eclipse Song

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Tom Waits - What's He Building (live with the Kronos Quartet)
Devotchka - Charlotte Mittnacht (The Fabulous Destiny Of...)
Wagon Christ - Phase Everyday

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February 22, 2008

Hot Chip

Weird & funky technopop today from Hot Chip, from their new release, Made In The Dark. I wasn't instantly impressed the first time I heard their quirky sound, but the messiness of it eventually caught my ear.

Hot Chip - One Pure Thought
Hot Chip - Hold On

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Steve Fisk - Government Figures
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Boatfriend
Decomposure - Hour 4

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February 21, 2008

Downliners Sekt

On the self-released front, please to enjoy this miasmic fusion of post-rock and weirdo ambient techno, as presented by Downliners Sekt. Their entire 2008 release, The Saltire Wave, is available for free via their site; hie thee hither to snag and enjoy.

Downliners Sekt - Scope Creep
Downliners Sekt - Panic! Sonic Monk
Downliners Sekt - Shulgin (Part II)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Holy Fuck - Super Inuit
pretty boy crossover - 17 steps
sufjan stevens - Jason

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February 19, 2008

Mono In VCF

Some friends turned me on to Mono In VCF, a Tacoma-based band whose 2008 self-titled full-length record smashes all kinds of goodness together - a little bit of retro Julie Driscoll, a little bit of opiate-haze Mazzy Star, and occasional hints of orchestral Portishead thrown in for good measure. Of course, whenever someone writes a description like that ("it's a floor wax! it's a dessert topping!"), you're bound to be disappointed; my point is, the group manages to evoke all kinds of interesting flavors, but the fusion itself is exciting on its own.

Mono In VCF - Spider Rotation
Mono In VCF - There's No Blood In Bone

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Mint Royale - Waiting In The Rain
Casino Versus Japan - Aquarium
Les Baxter - Quiet Village

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February 15, 2008

Baymont Bross

Out there in the netlabel world, Evil Records has put out a collection of demented techno tracks from Baymont Bross, on the free, full-length release, Cleaning The Dusty In My House. Such energy! Such mania! One wonders.

Baymont Bross - Dame Chocolate (feat. Fade In)
Baymont Bross - Rock Stars

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Beck - Dark Star
Keiron Phelan & David Sheppard - Theme From Cardinal Menthol
Amon Tobin - Couger Merkin

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February 14, 2008

CD giveaway: stream or download it!

I have chosen the winners for the CD giveaway of Daptone Records Remixed. However, I could never be so cruel as to leave the rest of you out, so please to head over to the Scion AV site to stream the remixes, or over to Download.com to download the remixes, at your leisure. As always, thanks for playing! And thanks for the nice comments, folks; it helps keep the "burned out, so terribly burned out" feeling away (for a few days at least).

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February 13, 2008


Yoav makes all the instrumental sounds on his new record, Charmed & Stranged, by beating up on his guitar - smacking and thumping it to create a range of seemingly electronic sounds for a backdrop, while layering more recognizable guitar noises on top to put songs together. The effect is taut, sparse, and quite engaging.

Yoav - Adore Adore
Yoav - Club Thing

Recently on Comfort Radio:
My Scarlet Life - I. Figurehead
Electric Skychurch - Abyss
Quantazelle - Late Blazing Kinch Theme

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February 12, 2008

CD giveaway: "Daptone Records Remixed"

Hey, guess what: I've got another CD giveaway to liven up your week, this time a collection called Daptone Records Remixed. It's a 2-CD sampler that features remixes on one disc, and original versions on t'other. Featured artists include The Budos Band, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, The Daktaris, and The Sugarman Three & Co., as remixed by the likes of Mad Professor, DJ Spinna, Hank Shocklee, Kenny Dope, "and more!" I've got 5 copies to give away, so if you're interested, leave a comment on this post and FOR GOD'S SAKE, PEOPLE, INCLUDE AN ACTUAL EMAIL ADDRESS for me to get in touch with you to get your physical address for shipping; no one will see it but me.

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February 11, 2008

The Helio Sequence

The Helio Sequence are back after too long of an absence, with a new release on Sub Pop entitled Keep Your Eyes Ahead. I missed their particular brand of rocktronica - and indeed, on this release, it's a little more weighted in the rock direction than the tronica direction than I would have hoped, but it's still quite a lovely release.

The Helio Sequence - The Captive Mind
The Helio Sequence - Hallelujah

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Nightmares On Wax - Bless My Soul
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Lunger
Kid Spatula - Buttress

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February 08, 2008

Friday grab bag

Here's a snazzy little dance track that wandered across my desk recently, from a set of The Crowd C'est Beau remixes by Michael Morph.

Michael Morph - The Crowd C'est Beau (Aquasky Mix)

I will always be a sucker for good Beatles covers, I admit it. The rest of this self-titled EP by Elevator Suite contains several very nice dance tracks, but inexplicably, this lovely little neo-lounge cover is wedged right in, dropping layers of spacey electronics over the proceedings in a delightful fashion. I'll definitely be hunting for the full-length.

Elevator Suite - Eleanor Rigby

After an absence of around five years, Supreme Beings Of Leisure have returned with a new album called 11i, reasserting a claim over territory that has since been almost solely occupied by Brazilian Girls. It's a pleasingly edgy affair for what is ostensibly "downtempo on steroids".

Supreme Beings Of Leisure - This World

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Styrofoam - Misguided (Featuring Valerie Trebeljahr + Alias)
Lateef The Truth Speaker - The Quickening
Duke Of Burlington - Flute For President

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February 06, 2008

Dead Beat Project

Here's some old school cinematic ambient, from the 2007 release Breaking the Shell by Dead Beat Project. I especially like the name of the group's label: Aesthetic Death Records. Word.

Dead Beat Project - In Vitam Aeternam
Dead Beat Project - Projection of the Mind

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Torch Song - Shine on Me
They Might Be Giants - The World's Address
Frou Frou - Maddening Shroud

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February 04, 2008

Sebastien Tellier

After stumbling across some remixes by Sebastien Tellier a while ago, I picked up his first album, L'incroyable Vérité, and although I enjoyed it, it contained a track on it that was so experimental and insane that my wife threatened me with physical violence if she ever heard it again. I kept looking, though, and picked up another Tellier record, Politics from 2004, that she's much more likely to enjoy (if I ever deign to play music in her presence ever again). It's got a delightful range: a track like "League Chicanos" flirts with prog rock in a fun way, "La Ritournelle" is irresistible dream pop, "Benny" sounds like something you'd see performed on The Muppet Show. Tellier is a weirdo, but he's definitely my kind of weirdo; he has a new album coming out end of February.

Sebastien Tellier - League Chicanos
Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle
Sebastien Tellier - Benny

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Montefiori Cocktail - Gne Gne
Ekova - Starlight in Daden (Aurora Remix by DA LATA)
grandma - why the fuck did you eat my babies?

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February 01, 2008

The Future Sound Of London

Whenever I hear The Future Sound of London, I'm immediately taken back to a golden age in my memory, where the promise of electronic music was still largely unfulfilled and uncoopted by television commercials and ubiquitous in store music channels. Well, to be precise, I'm taken back whenever I hear '90s-era FSOL, since the most recent output by the group was less than memorable. If you've drifted away from paying attention to the group (like I had), you might not realize that last summer saw the release of a three-part anthology of B-sides and remixes and other miscellany from the band's best years. Although these aren't the band's best tracks, they're still a good reminder of FSOL's intriguing and distinctive sound; it remains a murky and ethereal kind of ambient music that doesn't seem to be bubbling up so much these days.

FSOL - Hallucination, from From The Archives Vol. 1
FSOL - Wanting, from From The Archives Vol. 2
FSOL - Long Shadows, from From The Archives Vol. 3

Recently on Comfort Radio:
DJ Cheb I Sabbah - Shri Durga (FunDaMental Organic Chill Mix)
Numantra - Hypnagogic
Electronic Eye - Inta-Stellar

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