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April 30, 2007


Listening to the thirty-five minute album Beautiful California by Cassette is a strange and ephemeral experience. There are thirty-five tracks on the album, ranging in length from eighteen seconds to just over two minutes each, and the variety of styles - while not excessively eclectic - is still wide enough to keep you on your toes about what's happening next. The songs themselves don't really make individual impressions, but the album in total somehow lodges in your mind as a unique and interesting phenomenon - it's a series of emotional snapshots, more or less.

Cassette - Fingernails
Cassette - Ladybug
Cassette - Swingin' Hips
Cassette - Streetlights

Recently on Comfort Radio:
To Rococo Rot - Die Dinge Des Lebens
Sugizo - Spiritual Prayer (DJ Krush remix)
Steve Fisk - Lying In Texas

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April 27, 2007


Crazy newish hip hop from Busdriver? Okay, sounds like a plan! From the 2007 release Roadkillovercoat.

Busdriver - Casting Agents And Cowgirls
Busdriver - Less Yes's, More No's
Busdriver - Mr. Mistake (Bested by the Whisper Chasm)

And as long as the subject is hip hop, might I entice you to take a stroll over to a delightful new blog called Rapology, emerging from a long dark stretch of posting music to Livejournal to finally face the rest of the world and present shiny new tunes for your enjoyment. Stated subjects include hip hop, electronic, industrial, and mashups; so far it's a pleasing mix.

Busdriver and other fine, fine artists can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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April 25, 2007


CocoRosie are either crazy or else they were totally high on absinthe when they made their latest record, The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn. On the one hand, you could vote crazy because all three of their records so far have been bizarre and dreamlike; on the other hand, you could vote totally high on absinthe because the music sounds like stream of consciousness as filtered through a wall of molasses and then out through a kaleidoscope. Regardless, this is the experimental edge of indie folk music, and I dig it.

CocoRosie - Rainbowarriors
CocoRosie - Werewolf
CocoRosie - Animals

Recently on Comfort Radio:
DJ Spooky vs. the Freight Elevator Quartet - Downtempo Manifesto
Animals On Wheels - Build A Church With Your Fear
Cujo - Traffic

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April 23, 2007


Upon hearing the new RJD2 album, The Third Hand, I could immediately imagine the shrieking outcry of RJ's hard core fanbase, wailing and gnashing their teeth at the fact that, if you didn't know this record was by RJD2 up front, you certainly wouldn't know it by listening. It's kind of like RJD2's crossover pop album or something. Luckily for me, I dig this record. The tracks have an interesting groove and a pleasing sheen; the vocals are well done and well mixed (for some reason, I'm reminded of Hall & Oates, which, you know, of course); and overall, even if I don't recognize this when it comes up in rotation on Comfort Radio, I'm sure I will still dig it.

RJD2 - Have Mercy
RJD2 - Reality
RJD2 - Rules

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Charles Webster - Be No-One
Alpha - Slim
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - I Am a Rock

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April 20, 2007

Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin has a new record out; the deal with this one is that instead of just sampling stuff like crazy to make his weird pastiches, he's gone out and actually recorded a pile of found sound to use as the genesis for this album. It's not as intensely weird as some of his older stuff, in part because he's opting for a quieter, more ambient approach for chunks of it. As such, it may not satisfy your urge to really hear some beats get broken and smashed and stomped into the ground, but it's still an interesting turn. The first track here features strings by Kronos Quartet. From the 2007 release Foley Room.

Amon Tobin - Bloodstone
Amon Tobin - The Killer's Vanilla
Amon Tobin - Always

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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April 18, 2007

Grizzly Bear

Psychedelic folk rockers Grizzly Bear put out an album last year called Yellow House that is wistful and organic without ever drifting into post rock territory. I've seen it labeled "lo-fi" but the production is actually quite polished and yummy; as far as indie rock goes, this is an understated treat.

Grizzly Bear - Plans
Grizzly Bear - On A Neck, On A Spit
Grizzly Bear - Colorado

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Tori Amos - Raspberry Swirl (Lip Gloss Version)
Combustible Edison - Hot And Bothered
The Anubian Lights - Dreamstate In The Mainframe

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April 16, 2007

The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow

The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow - two great tastes that apparently taste great together. I'm totally clueless about the separate bands' output, but on this collaboration between the two acts, we're treated to some wonderfully creative post rock - a mix of hard-charging pieces and slower melodic expressions. "Lollipopsichord" kind of reminded me of what Mellow might sound like as an electronic post rock act; it's got that yummy, slightly retro vibe to it. From the album The House of Apples & Eyeballs.

The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow - Spiracle
The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow - Lollipopsichord

And of course, I'm including this four second track today simply because you have to agree with the song title.

The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow - It Hurts To Shoot Lazers From Your Fingers, But It's Necessary

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Panjabi MC - ghalia gurian
Bono, Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer - Children Of The Revolution
Nuclarity - Innocent Bystander

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April 13, 2007


The post rock world is getting increasingly crowded, but me, I haven't really gotten tired of it yet - especially when bands like 65daysofstatic keep figuring out ways to hack the formula. In this case, the hack is adding glitch electronics to a deliberately bombastic post rock attack. The sound is pretty over the top, "but in a good way!" From the 2007 release The Destruction of Small Ideas.

65daysofstatic - Don't Go Down To Sorrow
65daysofstatic - These Things You Can't Unlearn
65daysofstatic - Music Is Music As Devices Are Kisses Is Everything

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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April 11, 2007

Twilight Archive

Dark & brooding ambient downtempo today from Twilight Archive, from the group's self-titled release from 2003. It's a pretty ethereal listen, probably optimal for several non-ordinary states of consciousness I can think of off the top of my head...

Twilight Archive - House Of Tomorrow
Twilight Archive - Secret Desert Find

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Angelo Badalamenti - Dance Of The Dream Man
Two Lone Swordsmen - Electric 4 Bord
Bill Laswell - Perimeter

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April 09, 2007


After digging Ellen Allien's entry in the Time Out series of compilations, I decided to check out Madlib's new entry, The Other Side Los Angeles. I was not disappointed. Although the disc includes good hip hop from the likes of Dabrye, Quasimoto, and Madlib, the real gems on this compilation are the wealth of good funk and experimental jazz that Madlib has assembled, including the classic Sun Ra track "Nuclear War" that somehow manages to sound fresh every time I hear it. It's a great collision of styles that really hangs together, well worth checking out. The associated DVD features Peanut Butter Wolf taking you on a tour of LA; that's the Time Out connection, obviously. (You can get another track from this compilation over on DoseNation today.)

The Lightmen Plus One - Energy Control Center
Steve Grossman - Inmate Man
Harris & Orr - Spread Love

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Heather Duby - A Healthy Fear Of Monsters
Massive Attack and Mos Def - I Against I
DJ Me DJ You - Spa

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April 06, 2007


Crunchy & weird electronica from a guy who turned down a guitarist gig with Oasis and played bass with Spiritualized? Okay! From the album Elektrik Soul Psymphonie.

Echoboy - Death Drums
Echoboy - Jet Brown
Echoboy - 43

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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April 04, 2007


Although the idea of fusing live rock or soul instrumentation with hip hop is not particularly new, I still welcome the style when I come across a good example. In this case, the band is Metermaids; their self-titled EP just came out, and these two tracks offer a good vibe and a good beat. You can stream the whole EP here if'n you like.

Metermaids - Let It Rain
Metermaids - Don't Sleep

Recently on Comfort Radio:
dj cam featuring kakoli sengupta - meera
Sub Dub - (Sub Dub) Oaxaca
Baby Fox - Curlylocks

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April 02, 2007

Six By Seven

British band Six By Seven make swirling, noisy rock music that sounds a little to me like U2 smashed together with M83, with hints of Helio Sequence occasionally thrown in. At times their new album 04 is pretty crunchy and messy, other times it's melodic and jangly; overall it's a great ride.

Six By Seven - Sometimes I Feel Like
Six By Seven - Say That You Want Me
Six By Seven - Bochum (Light Up My Life)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Moulin Rouge - Children Of The Revolution (alternate version)
Stereolab - Old Lungs
Arling & Cameron - Le Flic et la Fille

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