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May 31, 2006


Daedelus has a new album out. It's called Daedelus Denies the Day's Demise. He is clearly more optimistic than I am.

Daedelus - At My Heels
Daedelus - Nouveau Nova
Daedelus - Patent Pending

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Saba - Johnny Jumpup
Ladytron - Playgirl
Gusgus - Call Of The Wind

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May 29, 2006

The Presets

Crunchy electroclash goodness today from The Presets, a band I only bothered listening to because I thought they were someone else. Ha! Yes, you too can run a music blog, it's just that easy. A little bit Ladytron, a little bit Ratatat, a little bit cheesy '80s... you get the idea. From the 2006 release Beams.

The Presets - Steamworks
The Presets - Are You The One?
The Presets - I Go Hard, I Go Home

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Kleptones - Song Of The Hip-Hop Robots
Binder & Krieglstein - Wir Wissen Nicht (Shantel's Bucovina Dub)
Decibully - Notes To Our Leaders

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May 26, 2006

"Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads"

The last Radiohead tribute album I listened to was so bad that it made my ears literally spurt blood all over the room, so it was with great trepidation that I checked out the newest attempt at such a tribute: Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads. Why would I subject myself to such a risk? For starters, !K7 Records was involved in putting it out; and the artists on tap are an intriguing lot, including RJD2, Matthew Herbert, Shawn Lee, The Cinematic Orchestra, and Sia, among others. The verdict: thankfully, it's well worth a listen, putting nice electronic, funk and downtempo spins on the originals. This version of "Karma Police" in particular veers pleasingly out of control as it progresses. Radiohead purists probably hate this album just on principle, but the only thing I'm pure about is - uh, nothing, so there!

Osunlade - Everything In Its Right Place (feat. Erro)
Mark Ronson - Just (feat. Alex Greenwald)
The Bad Plus - Karma Police

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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May 24, 2006


Cibelle returns with her second album, The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves, featuring guest appearances by Devendra Banhart and Seu Jorge. It's a little like Bebel Gilberto meets Susumu Yokota, if that helps place it. More goodness from Six Degrees Records.

Cibelle - Instante de Dois
Cibelle - Phoenix
Cibelle - Flying High

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Daedelus - Elegy (At Last)
Los Brasilios - No Te Esconde
Sonogram - Previously Magnetic

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May 22, 2006

The Twilight Singers

I don't really pester you with the rock and roll all that much, so allow me to pester you just this once about the new album by The Twilight Singers. For reference, I know very very little about their back catalog except that they do a pretty Björk cover, and that I heard them in a bar once and liked them enough to ask the bartender "whodat?" It's kind of moody and textured in that Elbow sort of vein, but I would call it a bit more uptempo / driving than that overall. From the album Powder Burns.

The Twilight Singers - There's Been An Accident
The Twilight Singers - Underneath The Waves
The Twilight Singers - Powder Burns

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Joy Zipper - Christine Bonilla
Broadcast - Unchanging Window
Thomas Brinkmann - isch

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May 19, 2006

Friday grab bag

Back in 2002, G Svend and Mamaluke released a quirky untitled EP with a fairly snazzy dance track on it. Now in 2006, that track is presented here for your listening pleasure. That is all.

G Svend and Mamaluke - Hej Piger

Jessica Lauren offered up this excellent little funk stomp all the way back in the year 2000, way back when people still listened to music on ye olde phonograph players.

Jessica Lauren - the name of fela will always stand for freedom

And just to make sure you get some shiny new newness, here's a 2006 track from Monolake that is heavy with the dark ambient goodness.

Monolake - Plumbicon (Rebreather Mix)

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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May 18, 2006


Normally I ignore hip hop instrumentals albums, but this one slipped under my defenses and wound up being quite a treat. I may not get around to checking out the originals, of course, because I'm a lazy, ignorant yahoo, but these were nice and sweet in a Kid Loco sort of way. From the album Strangestrumentals.

Cunninglynguists - Nothing To Give
Cunninglynguists - Never Know Why
Cunninglynguists - Hellfire

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Loop Guru - Soulus
DJ Vadim - Aural Prostitution (DJ Cam remix)
Death From Above 1979 - Sexy Results

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May 15, 2006

Adventure Time

Adventure Time provides atmospheric downtempo with hints of exotica. One half of Adventure Time is Daedelus; the other half, in case you are more knowledgeable than I, is Frosty. From the 2003 album Dreams Of Water Themes.

Adventure Time - Whetting Whistles (feat. Pigeon John)
Adventure Time - Sent From Sandy Shores (feat. Saul Williams and Mia Doi Todd)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Aesop Rock - Fast Cars
Stereolab - Come And Play In The Milky Night
The Art Of Noise - Kiss (Aon Mix) (Featuring Tom Jones)

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May 12, 2006

Friday grab bag

I don't need too much silky smooth downtempo in my life, but every now and then, if it's got just a little hint of spooky, I can dig it. From the album Kombologi by Nor Elle.

Nor Elle - Rainstation

I'm not really sure yet what the deal is with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but I did enjoy this crunchy little remix. From the Gold Lion single.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (Nick Zinner Remix)

And just to make sure we charge into the weekend on an upbeat note, please turn your speakers to their LOUD setting and commence getting down.

The Cuban Brothers - A Million Stories

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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May 11, 2006

Jungle Brothers

It's funny how I perceive myself as being mostly into experimental hip hop, but then something like this comes along that is just slick and danceable, and I'm all surprised by liking it. The Jungle Brothers' 2006 release, I Got You, creates a funky hip hop vibe and doesn't really let up. "You want to have a good time?/Then you gotta come down with a positive vibe" - if someone said that to my face, I would bust out laughing, but when I hear it on this record, it makes me feel, I don't know, like I should just lighten up, relax, get along with people, stop with the random puppy stranglings, and quit those midnight rituals to our cthuloid masters who will soon come to devour us. Of course, the album only lasts 45 minutes - then it's back to business as usual!

Jungle Brothers - Back On The Road
Jungle Brothers - We Love You JB's

Recently on Comfort Radio:
!!! - Sunday 5:17 AM
Bahia Black - Capitao Do Asfalto
Ursula 1000 - Continental Break Fest

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May 08, 2006

"Jugglin' with Raw Fusion"

I found some pretty hot tracks on the 2005 release, Jugglin' with Raw Fusion, presented as part of the "Urban Visionaries" series by the Creative Vibes label. It kind of hops around from acid jazz to swinging bebop to some straight up hip hop; these visionaries, they refuse to be pinned down! Anyway, here's me bopping my head all over the place at work, and that's really the message.

Povo - The Art of Blakey
Red Astaire - The Wildstyle
Damn! - Leaving this Planet (Yam Who Remix)

In other news, I've decided to reduce the number of posts per week on Comfort Music, from five posts to three posts. I'm trying to reduce stress in my life, and although I do love this blog, putting out five posts a week has gotten more complicated lately. I've considered expanding the pool of authors to fill those empty two days, but honestly, I've seen the addition of guest authors to a long-running blog fail as often as I've seen it work - and given that I'm a picky control freak, I don't really see much benefit to the additional management tasks required in making sure other people keep up to what little standards of quality I bother enforcing around here.

That said, if you are truly feeling adventurous and think you do in fact get the voice of this blog and could help with some writing, then bug me in email and we'll chat. It's not terribly hard; I'm just really, really busy these days.

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Ernesto Aeroflot - The Scent of God
MF Doom - Untitled (Meditation)
Boy Novice - Alive

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May 05, 2006

"A Snapshot Of The 2006 Domino Ten-Day"

The Wire Magazine recently put out A Snapshot Of The 2006 Domino Ten-Day, a wonderful comp that provides "15 tracks by musicians appearing at the 2006 edition of Brussels's annual Domino festival". You might recognize the likes of Coldcut, Mi and L'au, and Dictaphone on this record, but it's pretty chock full of other treats as well, ranging from weirdotronica to offbeat indie rock "and more!" In other news, I have had so many occasions where the first song here felt totally like my mantra that it's not even funny. Sigh.

Midaircondo - Could You Please Stop
Arkon/Family - Future Myth
Dijf Sanders - Swamp Boulevard

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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May 04, 2006

Montefiori Cocktail

Really goofy loungeadelica today from Montefiori Cocktail, on their 2-CD release, Un Sorso Di...A Taste Of - "the absolute best of Montefiori Cocktail". It's got a plethora of wacky Ursula 1000 moments, but the first track here also reminds me a lot of John Zorn's first album with Naked City.

Montefiori Cocktail - Crazy Beat
Montefiori Cocktail - Nana Nana

Bonus: here's my favorite track from that Naked City album I mentioned. In case you're not familiar; this was Zorn's supergroup with Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Fred Frith, Joey Baron, and on many tracks (not this one), Yamatsuka Eye from the Boredoms. To this day it remains one of my favorite releases out of the eleventy trillion albums that Zorn has put out.

John Zorn - Latin Quarter

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Grace Period - My Girlfriend
Saint Etienne - Your Head My Voice (Voix Revirement)
Daddy Ous - Hard Like a Rock (Groove Corporation dub)

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May 03, 2006

Sayag Jazz Machine

It's always dangerous when your first exposure to an artist is via a remix album. The last time this happened to me was with Super Furry Animals, who put out a brilliant remix album that left me wildly disappointed when I wound up hearing the originals. The solution to this problem, of course, is to NEVER LISTEN TO NEW MUSIC. In the meantime, I'm possibly repeating this historical pattern, given that I recently stumbled across a remix album by Sayag Jazz Machine - and can I just say, who the hell is Sayag Jazz Machine? As a totally useless exercise, I'm going to guess that the originals sound like some kind of freaked out version of the Klezmatics, but these remixes layer all kinds of crazy beats on top to make it sound like... uh... an even more freaked out version of the Klezmatics.

Look, just move along, there's nothing to see here.

Sayag Jazz Machine - Flipper Down (Memories mix)
Sayag Jazz Machine - Zapata (2600 mix)
Sayag Jazz Machine - Eely Gep (Eely's Dream mix)

From the album Anachro'mix Experiences.

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May 02, 2006


Glistening, evolving electronica with a menacing undercurrent - that's what we get from Verbose, on the 2006 release Aperture.

Verbose - Helvetica
Verbose - Fyrverkeri
Verbose - Lostintranslation

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Namelessnumberheadman - I Know How You Got Old
The Fiery Furnaces - Spaniolated
311 - Amber (Teargas and Plateglass remix)

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May 01, 2006

Monte La Rue

A little downtempo funk slides our way this morning from Monte La Rue. It's possibly just the title of the first track that attracted my attention, and not the serious slink involved. Possibly.

Monte La Rue - Color My Pants
Monte La Rue - Hyde

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Calexico - Old Man Waltz
Luke Vibert - Spotlight (Aphex Twin Mix)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Asbestos Lead Asbestos

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