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March 31, 2006

Friday grab bag

Here's a tasty little sliver of glitch by Atropa, from the Shimo And Hono 001 EP. The song title is inscrutable (other tracks on the EP include "Chris Mancini's Wang Looks Like Beaker From The Muppets" and "Humper Of Anus"), but the music itself is over far too quickly.

Atropa - Reverb Fairy + The Unfinisher = The A.G.D.sc.nfo_v2

On the Employee Of The Month EP, netlabel artist Ben Crea offers up some tasty dance tracks, including this one that recycles an old 'Til Tuesday song... yes, that one. Released by the netlabel Random Access Recordings.

Ben Crea - Keep It Down

And finally... new Massive Attack single, anyone? You know you will be buying this album. You can just plain feel it, I can tell.

Massive Attack - Live With Me

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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March 30, 2006


Some friends recently pressed a copy of Sasha's 2002 debut album, Airdrawndagger, into my hands, assuring me that it wouldn't be what I expected. This is because, I presume, when people say the name Sasha around me, I recoil in terror or disgust - actually, it's just the notion of trance music that does that, nothing against Sasha personally. Anyway, they were right, Airdrawndagger is a lot more interesting and varied than I would have expected, and this post is a public apology to Sasha. Dude, I'm really sorry about that. Trance still sucks, though.

Sasha - Cloud Cuckoo
Sasha - Fundamental

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Pink Martini - Que Sera Sera
The Grid - Boom! (Freestyle Mix)
Bongwater - Great Radio

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March 29, 2006


Delightfully weird ambient today, courtesy of the netlabel SubMachine.net. On the Lipo-Sound-Design release, Lipo provides some dark soundscapes, some sexy grooves, and some overall unsettling moods... not a bad combination in my book.

Lipo - No Surrender
Lipo - Geisha Touch
Lipo - Rainy Day

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Elbow - Not A Job
Big Hat - Flower
Daedelus - Muggle Horn

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March 28, 2006

Kelley Polar

Hey, yesterday we posted Episode 7 of our web parody CHERUB, the vampire with bunny slippers! In "But...Monkey!", Jasper invents the perfect alcoholic beverage, inspiring huge fits of silliness at Cherub Investigations. Meanwhile, the evil lawyers from Dogboy & Goat send Cherub's nemesis, Johnny Mildly-Irritating, on a mission to steal the mysterious Orange of Mystery. Please to be checking it out!

The vocals on this dance record by Kelley Polar are surprisingly shiny and shimmery, and the arrangements are quirky but smooth at the same time. It's a subtler take on dance than I normally hear, and I dig it. From the 2005 album Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens.

Kelley Polar - Cosmological Constancy
Kelley Polar - Tyurangalila
Kelley Polar - My Beauty In The Moon

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Helio Sequence - So Stop!
Yuka Honda - Single Silver Bullet
Sonny Rollins - Get Happy

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March 27, 2006


Coe was in New Zealand recently and wanted to find a CD for me as a present. Apparently she went into a music store and asked for something good, from New Zealand, and electronic, and without hesitation she was handed a CD by Minuit, called The 88. Sure enough, it's good, from New Zealand, and electronic, covering some of the same territory as Curve, but with less grunge and more techno.

Minuit - Claire
Minuit - Menace
Minuit - Airhostess

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Nicolette - No Government
pegasuses - caverbs
Tortoise - A Simple Way To Go Faster Than Light That Does Not Work

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March 24, 2006

Gaudi & Antonio Testa

Weird ambient today from the pair of Gaudi & Antonio Testa, from their recent em:t release, gaudi:testa 1105 - CONTINVVM. The first track here is nicely layered with hints of dub, the next takes us into darker territory, and the third brings a surprisingly grungy groove to the proceedings. We continue to watch the emergence of the new em:t label with cautious approval. That is all.

Gaudi & Antonio Testa - Night Watch
Gaudi & Antonio Testa - Dawn Cliffs: II Risveglio Delle P...
Gaudi & Antonio Testa - Micro-Evolution

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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March 23, 2006

Treva Whateva

We've got some pretty excellent downtempo funk on tap today, from Ninja Tune artist Treva Whateva. On his 2005 album Music's Made of Memories, we're served up some excellent grooves, almost Herbaliser Band-ish in nature, as well as a few other surprises, like the gospel-tinged "Singalong" (yes, enough time has passed since Moby's Play that we can listen to gospel-tinged electronica again), the Buena Vista Social Club-invoking "Havana Ball" (not included here because, uh, BVSC drives me nuts), even some vaguely d'n'b-ish sounds.

Treva Whateva - Dustbowl
Treva Whateva - Singalong
Treva Whateva - Dangerous Disco (The Director's Cut)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Sage Francis - Narcissist
s.i.futures - eurostar
Nobody - Apollonia Millenium And Her Private Parts Marching Band

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March 22, 2006

B. Fleischmann

B. Fleischmann produces melancholy, slow-moving electropop just perfect for a rainy day. Both of these tracks here take time warming up into a rich, almost bittersweet kind of swell. From the 2006 release The Humbucking Coil, released by Morr Music.

B. Fleischmann - Broken Monitors
B. Fleischmann - Static Grate

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (satnone remix)
Hexstatic - L-Virata
Unique 3 - Weight For The Bass (Original Dubplate)

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March 21, 2006

Broadway Project

Yesterday we posted Episode Six of CHERUB - the vampire with bunny slippers. In "Flaming Sticks Of Fury," as Charity leaves for her audition, a terrible vision of a weird-looking thing threatens the future of Cherub Investigations; and a pal from Roger Pipebomb's old neighborhood drops by to let Roger know that he's missing out on "the struggle." Please to be checking it out!

Hey, want to hear new music by The Cinematic Orchestra? Me too, but until their next record, perhaps you might content yourself with Broadway Project. I stumbled across the 2005 album In Finite, and I have to say, it definitely scratches a certain itch when it comes to vast trip hop tapestries with rich instrumentation and creative arrangements. This can get a little dirtier than Cinematic Orchestra, but it works out quite nicely to hear that edge.

Broadway Project - Screwtape's Mistake
Broadway Project - The World
Broadway Project - Message From The East

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Kid Spatula - Squirms
Allen Ginsberg / IllyB - End The Vietnam War (DJ Spooky Remix)
Dario G - Carnaval De Paris

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March 20, 2006


After learning about Optiganally Yours, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across AK-Momo, a two-person outfit that uses just the Optigan, the Orchestron, the Mellotron, and the voice to make their delightfully quirky songs come to life. The vocals are precious but not too much so - there's a touch of diva in Ak Von Malmborg's crooning. From the album Return To N.Y.

AK-Momo - Greasy Spoon
AK-Momo - Cold War Of The Hearts
AK-Momo - Human Clones

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Air - Venus
Slide Five - Sisyphus
Johnny Boy - You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes & You Get What You Deserve (Crews Against Consumismo Extended Mix)

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March 17, 2006

Max Tundra

Max Tundra is one of the artists that inspired me to start this blog. When I first heard his music, I thought to myself, "I have GOT to spread the word about this," and so a blog was born. Then I wound up forgetting to write about him because, you know, I got distracted and stuff. Eons passed, and the 2002 release Mastered By Guy At The Exchange popped up in the used bin recently - reminding me, lo these many moons later, to introduce you to the wild and wacky world of Max Tundra. If you have not already made his acquaintance, I will let his unpredictable cut-up compositions speak for themselves. (Note: you who ditched this CD, you are a lost soul, wandering blind in the wilderness. I hope that Kelly Clarkson record is working out for you.)

Max Tundra - Labial
Max Tundra - Lysine
Max Tundra - Cabasa

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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March 16, 2006


Motel de Moka turned me on to the 2005 release Will See You Now by Cagedbaby; they posted the track "Amplified Heart," which just kind of simmers along and then suddenly expands into a big warm swell of vocals. And as everyone knows, "big warm swell of vocals" is the easiest way to trick me into thinking your music is cool. The album is sparkly, slinky dance music with a nod in the direction of electropop on occasion; it has hints of Scissor Sisters, but draped in techno goodness.

Cagedbaby - Amplified Heart
Cagedbaby - Golden Triangle
Cagedbaby - Against The Wall

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Avalanches - Electricity
April March - No Parachute
Ms. John Soda - Unsleeping

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March 15, 2006


Similar to yesterday's post, I bought the album Sokut by Chronomad because someone at Sonic Boom had helpfully written stickers for the wrapper that said, "Like a poppy Muslimgauze or an Arabian Notwist." Neat! The latter comparison is undoubtedly because the album actually features the Acher brothers from the Notwist (both playing and producing). The album manages to be both minimal and crunchy at the same time - only you can decide if that sounds appealing.

Chronomad - Aksak
Chronomad - Shish
Chronomad - Do

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Lion Rock - Rock Steady Romance
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - T's Theme
Orbital - Funny Break (One Is Enough) Layo & Bushwacka! Down Remix Edit

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March 14, 2006

The Pinker Tones

I bought the album The Million Colour Revolution by The Pinker Tones because the sticker on the wrapper said, "An Explosive Cocktail of Pop, Funk, Breakbeat, Latin, Swing and Bossa." Wow, that's a lot of crap to jam into one record! Luckily, it's a delightfully goofy combination that works quite well for the toe-tapping and the head-bopping. It's a little like a cross between Kinky and Mint Royale, with a splash of Stereolab thrown in at completely random moments. I'm really happy with this one. In other news, yes, I do sometimes buy CDs solely because the sticker tells me to.

The Pinker Tones - Love Tape
The Pinker Tones - Sonido Total
The Pinker Tones - In Pea We Nuts

Recently on Comfort Radio:
UFO - United Future Airlines (Astral Hi Jack Mix)
Prefuse 73 feat Masta Killa and GZA - just the thought
Decibully - Notes To Our Leaders

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March 13, 2006


Hey, episodes four and five of our web series, CHERUB - the vampire with bunny slippers, have been posted. In this exciting two-part story, Cherub is confronted by an old flame from the past, Muffy the Vampire Chiropractor; and the diabolical plans of Cherub's nemesis, Johnny Mildly-Irritating, are revealed. Please to be with the checking it out!

And now, on with the tunes. Silky smooth vocals and lovely, swirling IDM make quite a combination on the new album Meme by Milosh.

Milosh - Falling Away
Milosh - Couldn't Sleep
Milosh - I'm Trying

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Elbow - Ribcage (Kinobe Mix)
Blockhead - Carnivores Unite
Cornelius - Mic Check (Microphone Feed Back Mix) [Remixed By Money Mark]

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March 10, 2006

Christian Kleine

I don't know why it took me so long to discover the 2004 album Real Ghosts by Christian Kleine. On a whim, I snagged this album the other day because some record review in the store made it sound all weird and experimental and electronica-meets-hip-hop and stuff; turns out, yes, this album in fact kicks ass and does in fact combine all those elements in a really slick and interesting fashion. It's not overly experimental, and in fact it has more polish / less noise than I was expecting (although let's be clear, it does get loud), but there are definitely some avant touches that keep the whole thing interesting. Released by City Centre Offices.

Christian Kleine - Home
Christian Kleine - Stations
Christian Kleine - Ghostwriting

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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March 09, 2006


Some funky experimental electronica today from Pest, on the 2005 album All Out Fall Out. "Wu Ju" has a nice Lion Rock vibe to it. (Whatever happened to Lion Rock? Anyone?) Overall not what I would have expected from a Ninja Tune release - but you know what? That is okay by me.

Pest - Wu Ju
Pest - Try Again
Pest - Donde Pasta

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Orb - Assassin (Oasis of Rhythms mix)
DJ Food - Consciousness (Ashley Beedle Cosmic Consciousness Mix)
Tosca - Suzuki (Burnt Friedman - Nonplace Dub)

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March 08, 2006

Lewis Taylor

A Wednesday guest post from long-time Comforter (har!) Stuart, who writes:

"The last time I was down in SF, my buddy Erik Davis turned me on to British psychedelic soul musician Lewis Taylor. Taylor's album, Stoned, takes lush sweet grooves, and adds depth and decoration by way of trippy riffs and layers of rock-out guitar, paying aural homage to Sly and the Family Stone, Brian Wilson and Marvin Gaye along the way. (Warning: the combination of love songs and falsetto may prove dangerous to some.)"

Lewis Taylor - Stoned Part 1
Lewis Taylor - Positively Beautiful
Lewis Taylor - Shame

"As a super-sekrit special bonus ('cause I know Scotto thinks a cappella is just swell), I am compelled to mention the following oh-so-Beach-Boys track."

Lewis Taylor - Melt Away

Thank you, Stuart, that is damn good stuff; I am spouting off here only to include the rather amazing detail that Taylor is playing all the instruments and doing all the singing on this album. My goodness.

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Radiohead - Knives out
doogymoto - minimalistico
Rachel's - Family Portrait

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March 07, 2006


I haven't posted any good hip hop lately. When I don't post good hip hop, the baby Jesus cries, so here's some new stuff from the Anticon artist Jel, from the very recent release, Soft Money, to tide you over until the next ever-belated hip hop post. According to the label: "Jel has produced for and/or collaborated with Mike Patton, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Ms John Soda, DJ Krush, and Beck, among others." Memo to label: if "others" aren't important enough to name by name, we don't really need to know "among others", but thanks for writing half my post at any rate.

Jel - All Around
Jel - WMD

Recently on Comfort Radio:
brainbox - indigo
Bob Crewe/Charles Fox - Entrance Into Sogo
The Dining Rooms - No Problems

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March 06, 2006

Jackson & His Computer Band

Creative, energetic, muscular IDM, anyone? Try Jackson & His Computer Band. His album, Smash, is so cool it makes me weepy. "Utopia" gives me chills. I realize all the interwebs have already shouted such praise, but there it is - I got this record as a very belated birthday present and felt compelled to jump up and down and be a dork about it.

Jackson & His Computer Band - Utopia
Jackson & His Computer Band - Arpeggio
Jackson & His Computer Band - Fast Life

Recently on Comfort Radio:
RJD2 - One Day
Downtown - Nowhere To Hide
super science - sometimes we're happy

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March 03, 2006

Bombay Dub Orchestra

I feel stupid for saying this, but I couldn't have resisted buying an album with the words "Bombay Dub Orchestra" on the cover if you had paid me. It's just the exact kind of cognitive dissonance that I look for. It's also one of those blind guesses that might have easily left me stranded with a real disaster, but on this 2-CD set, we've got some mighty fine global fusion. The first CD prominently features, yes, an actual orchestra of Indian and British musicians; the second CD provides remixes. If you're a Karsh Kale fan or a Midival Punditz fan, you'll probably enjoy this, although it's less intense / beat-driven; the lushness of the orchestra is what really gives this such an enjoyable voice. Kudos to Six Degrees for another in a long line of excellent releases.

Bombay Dub Orchestra - Compassion
Bombay Dub Orchestra - The Berber of Seville
Bombay Dub Orchestra - Beauty And The East

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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March 02, 2006

William Orbit

Wait a minute, William Orbit is still putting out records? I thought after working with Madonna that he retired to a gold-plated mansion on the moon or something, but apparently not. His newest release, Hello Waveforms, is not particularly revelatory or innovative. It is, however, a nice throwback to the Strange Cargo days, a sound that inspires a kind of nostalgia in me. Orbit is getting perilously close to easy listening ambient, but he's not there yet.

William Orbit - Surfin'
William Orbit - Spiral

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The Postal Service - Recycled Air
Roots Manuva - toothbrush
Flunk - Morning Star

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March 01, 2006

Heights of Abraham

Some nice downtempo funk today from Heights of Abraham. Allmusic helpfully informs us that one member of this group achieved success in another group you may have heard of: Fila Brazilia. From the album Two Thousand and Six.

Heights of Abraham - Intruder
Heights of Abraham - Striplight

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Inner Space - Warrior
Ivy - Edge Of The Ocean (Alpha's `On The Beach` Mix)
Sneaker Pimps - How Do

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