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June 30, 2005

"Electric Gypsyland"

It seems like only Six Degrees would think to set loose techno producers on the music of Balkan gypsy performers; actually, Crammed Disc originally released the compilation "Electric Gypsyland", but Six Degrees has ponied up a North American release. It's a surprisingly tasty combination; the gypsy undercurrent leads to some great moods and the beats on hand are tight. Señor Coconut pops up on this album for no apparent reason, if you happen to be a Señor Coconut completist.

Cop And Thief vs Taraf De Haidouks - A La Turk
Modern Quartet vs Kocani Orkestar - Fantasia For Clarinet
Shantel vs Mahala Rai Banda - Lest Sexy

In other news, the new episode of my column for Erowid, eScottology, has just been posted, asking that musical question, "Do your sleeping pills have an attitude?" Check it out here.

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Talvin Singh - Soft Works
St Germain - Alabama Blues
DJ Vadim - USSR Reconstruction (Jamie Hodge Mix)

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June 29, 2005


Another Wednesday guest post from Coe, who writes:

"Sliding in on the coattails of the-band-who-will-not-be-named-here, Figurine brings us more bleepy-bloopy. It doesn't have that Wow This is New and Different kick because, well, it isn't any more. But it's still tasty. They've even got the composing-long-distance thing down. Hey, waitaminnit. Same sound because it's the same guy. But I probably shouldn't mention his name either. You know, the glitchy, bleepy-bloopy 80's music guy. With two collaborators with lovely voices. Lyrics and delivery are reminiscent of The Magnetic Fields. Instruments and tunes sound like way too many 80's hair bands, but with that spare, stripped-down new-millenium twist. From the album The Heartfelt."

Figurine - International Space Station II
Figurine - Way Too Good
Figurine - Stranger

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Basement Jaxx - SFM
Tipsy - Zenith
Velma - Wake Function

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June 28, 2005

Barbara Morgenstern

I've managed to collect enough stray Barbara Morgenstern tracks via other MP3 blogs or compilations that I finally broke down and picked up her 2003 album, Nichts Muss, after "Aus Heiterem Himmel" came up on my Nomad and grabbed my attention. "It's just so pretty!" I know she's got a new album out with Robert Lippok, but that track made me want to get a good taste of her solo music first, and I'm happy to jump on the bandwagon.

Barbara Morgenstern - Aus Heiterem Himmel
Barbara Morgenstern - Nichts Muss
Barbara Morgenstern - Is

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Juno Reactor - Guardian Angel
John Lennon - Remember
Dubtribe Sound System - El Regalo De Amor

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June 27, 2005


On a whim at Sonic Boom the other day, I picked up a 2004 mix CD by Akufen called Fabric 17. I figured there was a 50/50 chance I would like the album, which was kind of accurate; I like 50% of the album a lot, while the rest gets a little repetitive. But the 21 songs flow pretty rapidly from one to the next, so if you're a fan of the whole "micro-house" thing, this may be of interest. Señor Coconut pops up on this album for no apparent reason, if you happen to be a Señor Coconut completist.

Pantytec - Alabaster
Crackhaus - Ample Slacks
Soul Center - Funky Sterling
Stephen Beaupré - My Old Lady

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Golden Palominos - No Skin (Funky Hornsey mix by Bandulu)
Smith & Mighty - Irrational (Receiver)
Oddjobs - The Street Entry Minus 3

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June 24, 2005

Friday grab bag

Kid Loco is one of those artists who always escapes the knife when I'm pruning old music off my Nomad to make way for new stuff. Now at last we have new downtempo deliciousness: the soundtrack to The Graffiti Artist features eight untitled pieces by Kid Loco, several of which hold their own quite well beyond their function as movie score.

Kid Loco - Untitled 8

A very shiny compilation called Urban Upgrade came out recently, featuring the likes of RJD2, Gotan Project, RZA, LTJ Bukem, Roots Manuva remixed by Röyksopp, and this super standout track.

All Good Funk Alliance featuring Swamburger and Alexandrah - Where I Need to Be

And here's a nice creepy lullabye from Marcelo Radulovich, suitable for the next time you're babysitting Chucky. From the album 2 Brains.

Marcelo Radulovich - La Résurrection

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio - the station that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. See you next week.

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June 23, 2005


Jersey is not just a target for the nation's bad jokes, it's also an excellent low-fi pop band, vaguely reminiscent of Joy Zipper with a wee bit of programming thrown in for good measure. Take that, ignorant masses! From the album Lok.

Jersey - Come To Me
Jersey - Hold On
Jersey - '1435'

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Seksu Roba - Velvet Star (remix)
Sinead Lohan - Diving To Be Deeper
Barry Adamson - Achieved In The Valley Of The Dolls

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June 22, 2005


Another Wednesday guest post from Coe, who writes:

"For Sleepyheads Only is a drowsy, dreamy bit of froth that packs a musical punch. The main singer, Anja Øyen Vister, has a kinda wasted voice, reminiscent of Beth Orton. These guys seem to inspire great quotes, so I'll let others speak. Beatservice.no sez, 'The thing about Flunk is quite simple. It is all about the love of music - and the lack of words'. Their label calls the album 'cool yet incendiary'. Yeah, what they said.

"I just got their new album, Morning Star. Sounds like some marketing genius told them that If they wanted to sell more albums, they should be less out there, and emphasize Anja more. The result is nice - I'd probably consider it pretty darned good if it weren't in comparison to FSO. But FSO is wonderfully varied and interesting. And who can resist lyrics like 'I miss the chemistry of your kiss'?"

From the 2002 album For Sleepyheads Only:

Flunk - Blue Monday
Flunk - Honey's In Love
Flunk - Miss World

From the 2004 album Morning Star:

Flunk - Play

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Plastilina Mosh - Human Disco Ball
Grandmaster Flash - The Message (Roots Manuva Remix)
Neo-Futurists - Droplet

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June 21, 2005


What's that, you say? You've been looking for a female answer to Talvin Singh? Look no further than Suphala, who inspired this particularly florid prose from Amazon: "Tabla goddess, artist, composer, producer Suphala's debut is modern, otherworldly, sensual, cinematic, high-tech, and timeless." Well, there you have it. She got her top notch tabla chops studying under Zakir Hussein, but her production chops are just as impressive. From the album The Now.

Suphala - Memory
Suphala - Wind Farm Harvest
Suphala - Hallway Man

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Garbage - Hammering In My Head
Melba Moore - Love's Comin' At Ya
Husky Rescue - New Light Of Tomorrow

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June 20, 2005


Despite rumors of having broken up, Shpongle has returned with a new rekkid chock full of their signature weirdass techno yum. I remember my reaction when my friend Bomberman asked me if I had ever heard of Shpongle. I said, "Who the fuck names their band Shpongle?" Years later, every time I hear the word Shpongle, I still think that. At any rate, I'm not convinced this album is quite as shiny as their earlier releases, which remain among my favorites in the "ketamine music" category, but it's still great to hear some new stuff from the drug-addled duo, the obligatory Terence McKenna samples notwithstanding. From the album Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost.

Shpongle - Outer Shpongolia
Shpongle - The Stamen Of The Shamen
Shpongle - When Shall I Be Free?

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Fluke - Slid
DJ Spooky - Conduit 23
Add N To (X) - Grey Body, Green Gun

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June 17, 2005

Friday grab bag

This came on my Nomad recently and reminded me just how much kicking of the ass comes by way of Terranova. From the album Hitchhiking Nonstop With No Particular Destination.

Terranova - Equal Rights

Here's a tasty little cut-up jazz treat from the mind of Diplo, from the album Florida. "Just because!"

Diplo - Sarah

And this track isn't actually on Comfort Radio, for reasons that remain highly classified, but I thought I'd stick it up here to alienate and annoy all you hard-rockin' AC/DC lovers out there.

Moxy Früvous - You Shook Me All Night Long (bootleg live)

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio - we do chicken right. See you next week.

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June 16, 2005


Netlabel Acedia Music recently put out an EP of Geistfrei remixes that is pretty damn tasty, including some "electrotheque" boogie on the first mix here, and some grungy, almost Crystal Method-y goodness on the second mix. I loves me some Acedia Music. From The Spank Remix EP.

Geistfrei - Spank (Le Electrotheque Remix by Dorntec)
Geistfrei - Spank (Leftmix Remix by Cycletribe)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Silk Demise - Bound
Transient - Beyond Possible Grasp
Daedelus - Just Briefly

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June 15, 2005

"Bajo Fondo Tango Club"

Another Wednesday guest post from Coe, who writes:

"Okay, I confess, at first I only listened to this because of the CD cover. I'm a sucker for fishnets. But then there's my recent viewing of Forever Tango (a fine show), and there's Kat's tango obsession. So, here we are... electrotango. This is tango with pronounced beats and some bleepy-bloopy mixed in with the concertinas. Some tracks, while good, are a bit too deep house for my tastes, but others are downright yummy. If ya like Gotan Project, you'll probably like this. Parts also remind me of Pilgrims of the Mind. From the compilation Bajo Fondo Tango Club."

Emilio Karauder - Maroma
Juan Blas - Exodo II
Luciano Supervielle - Ese Cielo Azul

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Scientific American - Your Utopia
The Orb - Toxygene
DJ Shadow - Reconstruction Medley

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June 14, 2005

The Very Very Hush

Today brings some yummy, fuzzy indie rock from The Very Very Hush, a band that sounds a lot like M83 to my unschooled ears. I realize regulations stipulate that you can't mention M83 without mentioning My Bloody Valentine, but does the transitive property mean that The Very Very Hush inherits this comparison? I don't know. I just don't know. From the forthcoming album Mourir C'est Facile.

The Very Very Hush - The City Light
The Very Very Hush - The Outskirts
The Very Very Hush - Love, Like Love

Did I mention I saw M83 recently at Chop Suey and had my ass kicked clear across state lines by their show? It was awesome. I was crawling back through Spokane afterwards with my ears totally ringing, going, "WTF??"

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Butti 49 - Brasilikum
jhno - jimmy
Dialogue - Queen of the Crime Council

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June 13, 2005

dZihan & Kamien

dZihan & Kamien put out a new 2-CD release in February, Fakes, that features some of their tasty remixes for the likes of Bob Holroyd, Atjazz, Tosca, Serge Gainsbourg and more. dZihan & Kamien, in case you hadn't heard, are nujazz! Nujazz! Nujazz, I tell you! Also, according to Soul Seduction, "headz" and "groove". See, doesn't that clear things up? The second disc isn't nujazz at all - it's old school jazz performances by the Brut Imperial Quintet of d&K compositions. It's not my speed, but it doesn't suck.

Nitin Sawnhey - Homelands (dZihan & Kamien Remix)
Lyn Leon - Never (dZihan & Kamien Remix)
Tosca - Busenfreund (dZihan & Kamien Remix)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Cockamamie - Pants
Beastie Boys - Futterman's Rule
Mellow - Overture

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June 10, 2005

Grab bag o' goodies

Electrelane recently put out a new album, which I am not going to buy. However, I did buy their last album, The Power Out, solely to get this track. I had high hopes that their entire repertoire was going to sound like this, but, uh, it didn't.

Electrelane - The Valleys

I was never a Sublime fan, but I did enjoy this little ditty from the upcoming Sublime tribute album, Look At All The Love We Found, a record which also features Jack Johnson, Fishbone, Ozomatli, Camper Van Beethoven, "and more!"

Michael Franti, Spearhead & Gift of Gab - What I Got

And finally, as a public service I'm passing on a track that Mantid first pointed out to me. If you ever wanted to hear a Finnish accordion version of Van Halen's "Jump" - hey, you're in luck! Find out more about the band here.

Eläkeläiset - Hump (live, Potsdam 23.4.2003)

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio - the other white meat. See you next week.

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June 09, 2005

T. Raumschmiere

I found this T. Raumschmiere CD in the used bin recently, and I can understand why; it's not the shiniest music in the world. But you know me - I dig the weird stuff. The beats aren't particularly complicated, the textures aren't particularly elaborate - really, it's just an overall mood that appeals to me, a general mood of "there's no good reason for me to be making these noises, but I'm going to make 'em anyway". From the 2004 album Radio Blackout.

T. Raumschmiere - I'm Not Deaf, I'm Ignoring You
T. Raumschmiere - Monster Truck Driver
T. Raumschmiere - The Game Is Not Over (feat. Miss Kitten)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Elsie Bianchi Trio - Little Bird
Lamb - All In Your Hands
The Art of Noise - On Being Blue

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June 08, 2005

Keren Ann

Another Wednesday guest post from Coe, who writes:

"Keren Ann is a French singer with a quiet, ethereal sound that could easily be the background for drifting down a river on a lazy afternoon. She's like a sweeter Mazzy Star, a softer Cowboy Junkies, a sleepier Autour de Lucie. It's mostly guitar, bass, and drums, some sweeping strings, and that sweet, sweet voice. "Song of Alice" features spoken word by actor Sean Gullette (Pi), with Keren Ann's background vocals and a catchy bass line. From the 2005 album Nolita."

Keren Ann - La Forme et Le Fond
Keren Ann - Nolita
Keren Ann - Song of Alice

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook - Crest
Badawi - To Be Continued
Cut Chemist meets Shortkut - Tiny Bells

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June 07, 2005


I don't know jack about the band Soft because their web site, while clean and modern (and apparently intended mostly to create a portfolio for their photographer), is lacking on the details, and I'm too lazy to look much further. What I do know is this - they make good old-fashioned pop rock, with a rich, warm, "wall of geetar" kind of sound, great hooks 'n' harmonies, and they are apparently starting to get some "buzz". Please to dig these freebies the band has made available to its future fans.

Soft - Droppin'
Soft - You Make Me Wanna Die
Soft - All That You're Shown
Soft - Lucky Jam

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Weekend Players - I'll Be There
Cardigans - My Favorite Game
Thomas Brinkman - max.E.3

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June 06, 2005

Lola Dutronic

If you're in the mood for some indie downtempo loungepop, you might try Lola Dutronic, whose album, The World of Lola Dutronic, offers a smattering of Sixties and Seventies covers and some surprisingly good original material, as well as fearlessly tackling "Walking On Sunshine" in both French and English, all in a style that the band's label compares to Serge Gainsbourg, Saint Etienne, St. Germain, Air, Ivy, April March and Francoise Hardy. I think the label is stretching a bit - this is a little fluffier and a little less swank than alla that - but it's definitely worth a peek and has more personality than a lot of similarly-styled chill out material.

Lola Dutronic - Girl On A Motorcycle
Lola Dutronic - Les Cheveux De Mon Amour
Lola Dutronic - The Porpoise Song (Theme From Head)

My favorite part of getting this CD was the confirmation email I got from CDbaby. This was my first time ordering from this purveyor of indie stuff (they charged $2 less for this CD than Amazon), and imagine my delight when this landed in my inbox:

Your CD has been gently taken from our CD Baby shelves with sterilized contamination-free gloves and placed onto a satin pillow.

A team of 50 employees inspected your CD and polished it to make sure it was in the best possible condition before mailing.

Our packing specialist from Japan lit a candle and a hush fell over the crowd as he put your CD into the finest gold-lined box that money can buy.

We all had a wonderful celebration afterwards and the whole party marched down the street to the post office where the entire town of Portland waved 'Bon Voyage!' to your package, on its way to you, in our private CD Baby jet on this day, Friday, May 27th.

I hope you had a wonderful time shopping at CD Baby. We sure did. Your picture is on our wall as 'Customer of the Year'. We're all exhausted but can't wait for you to come back to CDBABY.COM!!

Uh, sure thing!

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Polyphonic Spree - It's The Sun
pulseVibe - Meer
Krii - Supa

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June 03, 2005

"Army of Me"

After recently posting the Bjorkestra version of "Army of Me" and previously posting the Björk/Skunk Anansie version, Sleepy alerted me to an entire freaking album of "Army of Me" covers and remixes, some of which are awesome, several of which made my ears bleed, and almost all of which will soon be in rotation on Comfort Radio. According to Amazon, this is a charity record that came about via a call for submissions on bjork.com that received over 600 entries, which Björk and Graham Massey winnowed down to 20 for release; it's nice to know that such preposterousness is for a good cause.

Grisbi - Army of Me
Beats Beyond - Army of Me (Bersarinplatz Mix)
The Messengers of God - Army of Me

For those of you keeping score at home, posting these tracks means that "Army of Me" is now tied with "The Porpoise Song" for most appearances on this blog at 5. Stay tuned as I attempt to tip the balance back in favor of "The Porpoise Song" in the nearish future - a Comfort Music cliffhanger!

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio - the station that melts in your mouth, not in your hand. See you next week.

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June 02, 2005

Orange Blossom

French act Orange Blossom puts out some stomping good techno funk with a vaguely African flavor. It's a great sound, reminiscent of the one awesome Maryam Mursal album that Real World put out years ago - unexpectedly groovetastic, and putting a menacing edge all over the notion of "global fusion". From the album Everything Must Change.

Orange Blossom - Maldito
Orange Blossom - Habibi
Orange Blossom - Nafsi

Recently on Comfort Radio:
ccc - Got To Get You Into The Mood
Wang Fei - In The Name Of Love
Global Goon - !

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June 01, 2005

"Traveler '03"

Another Wednesday guest post from Coe, who writes:

"From the department of not-entirely-selfless-gifts-from-scotto, we have the latest in the Six Degrees Traveler series. It's global fusion at its best - good beats and complex, many-layered melodies. This album is so good, it's hard not to put up almost every track as the best track. But if I must choose, I'll go for these three - some choice global d'n'b, very danceable Indian electronica, and a big beat masterpiece. Ahhh... I remember parties that sounded like this. From Traveler '03."

Lumin - Izgrala
MIDIval PunditZ - Dark Escape
Karsh Kale - GK_

"As a side note, I just stumbled across Grand Performances in LA - free outdoor shows and you can bring your own booze. On July 30, they have Transglobal Underground with MIDIval PunditZ - almost worth a trip to LA."

(Scotto jumping in here... I saw Transglobal Underground at WOMAD a few years back and it was easily one of the most memorable shows I've ever attended. They blew the power on their small stage three times, and kept the crowd going by reverting to a wall of live percussion and high energy shouts; each time the power came back on was accompanied by a huge roar. Oh, and before I forget - memo to Six Degrees: It's, uh, 2005 now. Where the hell are our new Traveler comps?)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Shriekback - Bastard Sons of Enoch (Enochian Operation)
TV On The Radio - Poppy
Cannonball Adderley Quartet - Bohemia After Dark

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