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April 29, 2005

Grab bag o' yum

Uncritical posted this recently - never mind the cool band name, this is some stunningly gorgeous and unusual electropop. Uncritical posts a lot of cool shit, but this track just leapt out of the pack at me; the vocals are just damnably sweet and the melody is quirky and surprising. From the band's self-titled debut.

The Dissociatives - We're Much Preferred Customers

Here's a brief, unusual and pretty slice of indie rock that I find myself liking for no apparent reason. From the Sanddollars EP.

Why - Stick 2 Think

And how about a cute little retro dance number to round out today's post? "What a great idea!" Gee, thanks. From the album 4th Floor.

BTon - Btonation

And finally, I've launched a new blog with the fine folks at Erowid, the world's most useful drug information site. The blog is called The Erowid Review - we'll be posting reviews of psychoactive-related books a few times a week. Please check it out, and if you'd like to write book reviews, drop us a line at review at erowid.org.

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio - one small reason to put off killing yourself for at least another day or two. See you next week.

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April 28, 2005

Jet Black Crayon

In the mood for some moody, instrumental art rock? I know, me either, but I wound up liking this stuff anyway. From the 2004 album Inaccuracies of the Mind Machine, released by the label Function 8.

Jet Black Crayon - Tomorrow Was Raining
Jet Black Crayon - Sirens On 6th
Jet Black Crayon - Collapse With Trophy

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Reggae Disco Rockers - Baby
Cbird - Shining Mantra
The Orb - Assassin (The Oasis of Rhythms Mix)

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April 27, 2005


Just what the world of glitch hop needed - a torch song chanteuse! She's apparently been described as "Billie Holiday on acid" and "an urban Björk"; what more do you want? From the self-released album Life Loves Us.

Nicolette - Groovy
Nicolette - Sunshine
Nicolette - Fire In The Heart

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Ali Farka Toure - Mali Dje
Solex - Peppy Solex
Carlos De Nicaragua & Familia - Sensemaya

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April 26, 2005

Eloi Brunelle

I featured an Eloi Brunelle remix of somebody else's stuff recently, but now it's time for Eloi Brunelle to take center stage. "My Submarine" is quirky, slightly goofy, and certainly funky; ordinarily I have to nuke or edit tracks for the station if they have dead air at the end, but I'm leaving it in this case. "Silicone Girl" does one thing, and it does it well - it makes your head bop up and down a lot. From the Psychotonic EP, released by the netlabel Epsilonlab.

Eloi Brunelle - My Submarine
Eloi Brunelle - Silicone Girl

Recently on Comfort Radio:
808 State - Dissadis
The Faint - Sealed Human (]['m Remix)
Jamiroquai - You Give Me Something

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April 25, 2005

The Dining Rooms

The Dining Rooms have a new album coming out in May, the intriguingly named Experiments in Ambient Soul. For some reason, a long time ago, I had gotten The Dandy Warhols and The Dining Rooms crossed up in my head, so I never really bothered paying attention to The Dining Rooms, until the day someone sent me the Six Feet Under soundtrack (featuring The Dining Rooms and The Dandy Warhols) and I realized, "Hey, I am a jackass!" OK, well to be fair, I realize that several times a week, but. Turns out The Dining Rooms are neat - a groovy mixture of Thievery Corporation-style downtempo and United Future Organization-style jazz.

The Dining Rooms - Diamond & Comforts
The Dining Rooms - Afrolicious

The reason I didn't bother paying attention to The Dining Rooms back when I mistakenly thought they were The Dandy Warhols is because I had also mistakenly thought that The Dandy Warhols were basically one of those Cherry Poppin' Daddies-type bands, and you know, you really only need one or two of those bands in rotation before you're all like, "Enough with the frickin' boogie-woogie already!!" But no, The Dandy Warhols turned out to be completely different, as this trippy little track from the album Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia will demonstrate.

The Dandy Warhols - Nietzche

This post is part of my continuing effort to make sure no one ever, ever, EVER mistakes me for an actual music journalist.

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Rage Against The Machine - Renegades of Funk (The Crystal Method remix)
Nitin Sawhney - Nothing More
Deee-Lite - Good Beat (Jonny L 1996)

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April 22, 2005

Grab bag o' downtempo

Despite my best efforts to the contrary, every now and then Comfort Radio serves up a serendipitous stretch of seemingly sequenced music, as Comfort's technical maestro Llew reports after a recent late night listening session:

"These four tracks came on in a row. Really damned nice for the late and stormy night! I really like the DJ Stix and Neotropic. The other two were just nice because they weren't ska or something like that. ;-) Enjoy!"

(Memo to self: more ska!)

Organic Grooves - Closing Arguments
DJ Stix - Everything
The Piano - UI
Neotropic - Under Violent Objects

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio - a friendly waystation on the road to depravity. See you next week.

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April 21, 2005


So I just heard Oneida for the first time; they have a new album, The Wedding, coming out in May. While digging around to see what other people thought about the band (some people say they sound like Sonic Youth; I heard some TV On The Radio-ish noises myself), I found this delightful reader review on Amazon of an earlier album by the group: "if you don't wanna do drugs while listening to this then you must be one of those drug free lifestyle kinda dorks i always see at the club who hate me cuz i can snort a mountain and still have an intelegent conversation about the state of the new garage revolution and it's lasting impact on the teen pop dominated market...wait a second, what the hell am i talking about? oh man, i am f*cking wasted..."

This, friends, is why freedom of speech is so important to this great land of our nation.

Oneida - The Eiger
Oneida - High Life
Oneida - Heavenly Choir

Recently on Comfort Radio:
The Roots - The Anti-Circle
Sinéad O'Connor - Someone To Watch Over Me
Nina Simone - Feelin' Good (Joe Clausell remix)

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April 20, 2005


On the home page of his web site, Kmotiv describes his music as "independent experimental downtempo". I believe all artists should clearly label their own music right on the home page of their web sites so that I don't have to think so much. Granted, I wasn't doing much thinking before, but. From the 2004 album The Abstraction Agenda. If you like what you hear, his site features a pile of "B-sides" & remixes.

Kmotiv - Get Some Sleep
Kmotiv - Five After One
Kmotiv - Midnight, Glenn Ave

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Snowboy - Mambo For Max
Richard Cheese - Nookie, Break Stuff
Clifford Gilberto - The 10th Victim

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April 19, 2005

Kammerflimmer Kollektief

The six-person German ensemble Kammerflimmer Kollektief recently offered up a new album, Absencen, featuring a brilliant mix of orchestral rock and experimental jazz, with a nice slice of ambient weirdness thrown in for good measure - Tuatara meets Sigur Rós, perhaps, although without the latter's bombast.

Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Lichterloh
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Nach Dem Regen

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Radio 4 - Struggle
Stereolab - The Free Design
Material - Equation

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April 18, 2005

Kalahari Surfers

Here's some excellent South African "nujazz" as the kids are calling it from Kalahari Surfers. You'll hear hints of the lyrical mission of Asian Dub Foundation, but it's a little more restrained; the music pulses like it wants to explode into a hard attack at any given moment, but somehow manages to keep its cool. From the 2005 album Multi Media.

Kalahari Surfers - Djengele (The Generals)
Kalahari Surfers - Durga's Belt of Skulls (Move Into the Light)
Kalahari Surfers - What Have They Done To You?

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Massive Attack - Group Four
Reko - Sickness
The Verbrilli Sound - Cansada

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April 15, 2005

Grab bag o' goodness

Super-catchy, highly danceable, Swedish electropop? Uh... sure! From the EP ...and the JFG?

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Unighted

From a soon-to-be released EP called Springer, the Danish group Efterklang provides gorgeous, quirky, ambient pop - a bit like Múm. Here's a sample.

Efterklang - Kloy Gyn

Hexstatic recently put out a new album, Distorted Minds, refining their sound in a pleasing direction. Here's a delicious taste.

Hexstatic - Perfect Bird (feat. Juice Aleem)

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio - putting the "omfo" back in "Comfort" since as long as I can remember. See you next week.

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April 14, 2005


If you too believe that Jesus Christ is your American Idol, then Fog's new release, 10th Avenue Freakout, is for you. Weird 'n' wacky experimental electropop - just what I wasn't expecting, but decided to like anyway! The album covers a lot of turf, from "meandering" to "a little less meandering"; as always, YMMV. Released by Lex Records, the cats what brought you releases by Boom Bip, Prince Po and Danger Mouse.

Fog - We're Winning
Fog - Hummer
Fog - The Poor Fella

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Death In Vegas - Rematerialised
Electrelane - You Make Me Weak At The Knees
Ladytron - Another Breakfast With You

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April 13, 2005

Fateless Flows Collective

LA's Fateless Flows Collective released a new compilation of vaguely experimental ambient music in February, called Shadowmath. It took me a few tracks to realize what it reminded me of - the great old Feed Your Head collections that came out years ago. We used to put those Feed Your Head albums on while watching video feedback and, uh, eating a lot of popcorn. Yeah. Anyway, turns out people still take the time to make good ambient music even in today's miserable, fucked-up world of doom and destruction - as these tracks will attest!

Indicia - Rescue Me (interlude)
Appogee - Coral
Kathie Talbot - Blandula XT

Also, the entire staff of the Comfort media empire (all 2 of us) is going on vacation to Mexico tomorrow. I know I just posted some Beck, but this is exactly the kind of vacation I expect to have.

Beck - Mexico

The blog will probably continue posting while we're gone. The station will probably continue streaming. But you just can't trust computers, so who knows.

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Panjabi MC feat. Twista - Beware Of The Boys
Jem - Missing You
Zero 7 - Look Up

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April 12, 2005

A Morr Music Compilation

Maybe someday my fascination with Morr Music will end, but, uh, not today. I found a recent 2-CD set at Easy Street over the weekend called Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey: A Morr Music Compilation, which thankfully (mercifully even) features no Morrissey covers whatsoever. What it does feature is an array of pleasing ambient downtempo (with the occasional spot of pleasing crunch thrown in for good measure) from the likes of The Notwist, Styrofoam, Lali Puna, B. Fleischmann, Schneider TM and others - the usual suspects, in other words. The first disc is originals; the second is remixes. Nothing ground-breaking here, but their signature sound as a label remains relevant and delicious.

Herrmann & Kleine - Hello, This One Is For You.
E*Vax - Glacier
Wunder - SN (Hessen remix)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Irian Jaya - Scavenger Dogs In The Neon
Lil' Devious - Come Home (Carpal Tunnel Vision remix)
Peter Gabriel - The Nest That Sailed The Sky

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April 11, 2005

Did anyone honestly think

I bought Jen the new Brazilian Girls album, cleverly entitled Brazilian Girls, last weekend at her request; the last group she picked up on out of the din on KEXP and brought to my attention was Muse, which worked out well, so I ran with it this time. Brazilian Girls have plenty of buzz for being non-Brazilian and mostly non-girl; turns out they also have a wonderful cabaret poptronica style that is suitable for the getting down and such. (Did anyone honestly think I wouldn't post a song whose chorus is "Pussy pussy pussy marijuana!"? Anyone?)

Brazilian Girls - Corner Store
Brazilian Girls - Long
Brazilian Girls - Pussy

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Tomstone - Lacdatter
Doug Wimbish - Logdrum
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - How Long Has This Been Going On

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April 08, 2005

Most favoritest

Some of my most favoritest netlabel stuff I've heard since I started tracking netlabel stuff way back in, uh, 2004 or so has come from Fredo Viola. It's quirky, lovely, serenely experimental quasi-pop. Here's the entire extended Risa EP, released by the netlabel Hippocamp.

Fredo Viola - Risa
Fredo Viola - Friendship Is...
Fredo Viola - Let The Sad Out
Fredo Viola - K Thru 6
Fredo Viola - Hogwash
Fredo Viola - Puss
Fredo Viola - The Original Man
Fredo Viola - The Original Man (Deltasleep's Circle The Wagons Remix)
Fredo Viola - Puss (Deltasleep's Everybody Look Through Your Hair Remix)

And please, do yourself the favor of checking out his absolutely gorgeous music video for "The Sad Song".

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio - a small beacon of lunacy in a world utterly devoid of hope. See you next week.

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April 07, 2005

Full of texture

Check out the debut from Vancouver ambient/glitch composer SubtractiveLAD - it's been a while since Sleepy so enthusiastically recommended an artist to me. Sweeping and lush, yet crunchy and full of texture, this is an edgier but equally creative Boards of Canada-style release. From the February 2005 debut Giving Up The Ghost.

SubtractiveLAD - Freckle
SubtractiveLAD - Nothing Is Enough
SubtractiveLAD - Martyr Relief Unit

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Orlando Caichaito Lopez - Mis Dos Pequenas
Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place
Osymyso - Intro-Expansion02

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April 06, 2005

A sucker for the boogie-marking

Are you looking for some good boogie-down hip hop to throw on at a party for the purpose of the dancing and such like? Then consider the new Z-Trip record, Shifting Gears, due out April 19. It features much of the boogie-making, as well as the famous people - Lyrics Born, Busdriver, Chuck D, "and more!" I am of the liking of it; I'm kind of a sucker for the boogie-making, though.

Z-Trip - Listen To The DJ (feat. Soup of Jurassic 5)
Z-Trip - All About The Music (feat. Whipper Whip)

Recently on Comfort Radio:
UNKLE - Rock On (Nutcracker Mix)
Anubian Lights - Nara-Yana
Piero Umiliani - Panoramica (The Cinematic Orchestra remix)

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April 05, 2005

Not as famous

Warning: the new Whoami Presents Insomnia compilation has a severe identity crisis. If you can handle trip hop, acid jazz, German hip hop, a "smooth techno" U2 cover, and a hardcore Massive Attack cover by Sepultura that was scary and made me want to cry and why won't the bad man stop shouting, then this is the compilation for you. Sigur Rós, Lou Rhodes guesting with A Guy Called Gerald, Bonobo, Sixtoo, Esthero and Mogwai all turn up on this album; even the lovely and talented Sarah McLachlan is represented in the form of a Mark Bell remix. Here are some tracks from the album by people who are not as famous!

The Free Association - Everybody Knows (Children Remix)
Bliss - Breathe
The Blue Boy - Remember Me

My Google fu absolutely failed to turn up a link to buy the album, so if anyone else finds one, make the world a better place for the children and drop said link in the comments.

In other news, Natalia heard this track at our party last weekend and wanted a chance to hear it again, so voila. I first heard it on Fluxblog; it's from the album Big Beautiful Sky.

Venus Hum - Soul Sloshing

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Funki Porcini - Dubble (Organ Swell)
Miniflex - For A Lovely Bust Line
Faithless - Evergreen (Dusted Remix)

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April 04, 2005

A big happy box

I'm late getting to the party re the group Styrofoam, but a complete lack of timeliness has never stopped me before. The 2004 release Nothing's Lost on Morr Music is almost a missing Postal Service album - a little less crunch and a little more Ben Gibbard and you'd be there. While we're on the subject, Morr Music should feel free to send me everything they've ever released in a big happy box with a bow on it. Are you listening, Morr Music? I'm getting impatient. The second track here, an electropop anthem if there ever was one, does actually feature Ben Gibbard playing grand piano (he sings elsewhere on the album). The LP also features guest appearances from members of Lali Puna and The Notwist. "It's neat!"

Styrofoam - Safe + Broken
Stryofoam - Make It Mine

Recently on Comfort Radio:
Björk - I Remember You
Tony Scott - Hare Krishna (King Britt Funke Mix)
The Beta Band - Eclipse

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April 01, 2005

Mellow and creative

I'm sure all you super-hardcore Björk fans already know all about this tribute album, Read: Interpreting Björk, but as a more casual fan (memo to Björk: no, I am not buying all 475,000 of your frickin' DVDs and CD singles), I just found out about it. Unlike the most recent tribute album I heard (an album of Radiohead covers that made me want to dig my brain out with a shrimp fork), this is a swell little rekkid, mellow and creative.

Kaitlyn Ni Donovan - Hunter
The Decemberists - Human Behavior
Pete Miser - Immature

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio - bringing about the collapse of Western civilization one jarring transition at a time. See you next week.

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