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December 22, 2004

Poor widdle me

Episode three of this week's "the shit I wasted my money on the other night because I was depressed" theme continues! Aren't you all VERY LUCKY that I couldn't get cast! Isn't it SO FANTASTIC that I suck! *sob*

After thinking about Cibo Matto for a post a couple weeks ago, I was inspired to pick up Yuka Honda's second solo album, Eucademix, especially because Miho Hatori shows up on some of the tracks and I was hoping some of that old Cibo magic might be present. I wasn't too inspired by Yuka's first solo album; it was good, but it was missing a certain oomph. This album is a little less experimental and a little more pop, but it remains clear there's a good reason why this album is on John Zorn's label. If you're looking for Return of Cibo, this won't do the trick for you; it's lacking the sugar-coated gloss and infectious giddiness of Stereotype A, and the sheer wackiness of tracks like "Know Your Chicken". But if you ditch those expectations, you might just find a few treats.

Yuka Honda - Humming Song (Alone Together)
Yuka Honda - I Dream About You (feat. Miho Hatori)
Yuka Honda - Parallel (feat. Miho Hatori & Marc Ribot)

Posted by Scotto at December 22, 2004 09:00 AM


Beautiful. I've missed the old Miho & Yuki dynamic, whether it was with Cibo Matto, or with Butter 08. Gonna have to get me a copy of this.

Posted by: Rob at December 23, 2004 10:52 AM