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August 31, 2004

"I know music. Music has notes. This is noise."

Jen got me this album recently, and it turned out to be surprisingly good. Anthony Stewart Head has a bit of music theatre in his background, perhaps most famously taking a turn as Frank in Rocky Horror in London. (His brother is Murray Head, originator of Judas in JC Superstar and the American in Chess.) The disc features guest appearances by James Marsters, Amber Benson, and Alyson Hannegan, as well as a song written by Joss Whedon. But the highlight is this Beatles cover, featuring guest vocals by Holly Palmer.

Anthony Stewart Head + George Sarah - We Can Work It Out

As long as we're on the subject... here's my favorite track from the hit and miss Buffy The Vampire Slayer soundtrack album that came out years back.

Alison Krause & Union Station - It Doesn't Matter

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August 30, 2004

I contain multitudes

More from the netlabel 8bitrecs, this time some strange and yummy IDM from a group called KYF. Get their whole 8bit EP here.

KYF - Chopper The Line

In other news, I was told that the following track is considered psytrance, and since I generally detest psytrance, I am not supposed to like this track. But you see, that is the beauty of being stubborn and ignorant; I can keep hating psytrance in general while loving this track in particular! I know, it's amazing, but there it is - "I contain multitudes." I first heard this on a mix CD that Jodi sent me, and have since been able to find out exactly nothing about the artist. The track ends abruptly, so don't freak out.

Ultraviolet - Let There Be Light

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August 27, 2004

Step right up

Moistworks featured this track by the Left Banke a while back; when I checked, CD versions of the compilation album, There's Gonna Be a Storm, were going for $120 used. The Left Banke had a couple of hits in 1966; this was one of them.

The Left Banke - Pretty Ballerina

Here's a slice of really simple, really sweet "indie-tronica" from Kid Nebulous, released on the netlabel 8bitrecs. I didn't realize until recently that the term "indie-tronica" even existed. In retrospect, though, what else could it have been?

Kid Nebulous - Trance In Your Pants

And here's one for NYC Kat - what's better than modern go-go music sung by a cutie former animator for Ren and Stimpie? Modern go-go music sung in French, of course! From the album Paris in April.

April March - Laisse Tomber les Filles

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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August 26, 2004

Don't shoot me I'm only the DJ

Scissor Sisters are coming back to Seattle, playing at the Showbox on September 23. Their shows are apparently outrageous fun... their sound is a great mix of old school Elton John and modern disco (as these tracks from their self-titled debut will attest), and their gig at Neumo's reminded a co-worker of early B-52's-style wackiness. Tickets are cheep at $12-14. Who wants to go?

Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama
Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb

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August 25, 2004

Just what are you getting at here?

Still yet more from the wacky netlabel Comfort Stand. I guess if it has a jazzy feel but it's got beats, you're supposed to call it acid jazz. I don't know; I'll get around to getting an education on this topic eventually. From the album Bah!, which is an awesome name for an album.

Økapi - Lester Lounge (L.Bowie remix)
Økapi - Mangoonia (J.Hisaishi remix)

And here's some delightfully strange electronica from the compilation Transcend Primate Behavior, released by the netlabel Acedia Music.

Jamma Walla - Red
Engineer Garin & Stud - Crazy Blaupunkt v5

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August 24, 2004

This is your brain on music

Today's entry is provided to you by Coe, who writes:

"As has been previously mentioned, I'm a bit obsessive about covers and remixes (although not as obsessive as some, I've learned). Today's selections are two remixes that blow me away.

"Most listeners know the Massive Attack original of 'Group Four'. But the Mad Professor remix is a thing of beauty. This is what my brain sometimes does to music." From the Angel single.

Massive Attack - Group Four (Mad Professor Remix)

"And I confess, my parents warped my taste in music, so I actually like the original of this one. But this version's even better... it's cheesy 70's writing + cheesy lounge singing + cheesy trance clichés... gotta love it!" From The Remix Album - Diamonds Are Forever.

Shirley Bassey - If You Go Away (DJ Skymoo aka Moloko Remix)

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August 23, 2004

Why do we scream at each other

Back when I was still frittering time away on filesharing networks, I came across this bit of Internet flotsam & jetsam - an old Prince track, remixed by Fatboy Slim. I can't find an official release of this remix, but he's played it live on occasion. The file has an abrupt ending that I am not responsible for, probably because someone ripped it from a radio show and wanted to fade it before the next track.

Prince - When Doves Cry (Fatboy Slim remix)

On a completely, thoroughly unrelated note, Bev claims she's never heard this next track before. Datura sent me the CD after seeing this Austin-based acappella group play live; it's seven guys (on this particular track) doing what they call "Big Beat A Cappella", which I guess means foot stomping for percussion instead of vocal beatboxing. Anyway, it's one of the most outstanding acappella covers I've ever heard - which admittedly isn't saying all that much, but still.

Schrödinger's Cat - When Doves Cry

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August 20, 2004

Let's get unconscious

From the Comfort list archives...

Laura writes:
"Orbital - Belfast. probably one of this girl's favorite tracks. Orbital was my very first electronic show and I attended solo. Then I knew that WOW this sounds even better reallyreally loaded! All the dancing people. a slightly altered me, by myself dancing in a little laura world - when two very cute and in retrospect rolling people came up & said, 'looks like you could use a hug', distributed said hug and bounced off. oh the joy, that first glimmer of what my life would become. wheee..." From the Orbital 1 album.

Orbital - Belfast

And in case you were wondering just what Madonna would sound like if she performed a song written by Björk, Nellee Hooper (Massive Attack producer, among other things) and Marius DeVries (Moulin Rouge music director, among other things), and then had Orbital remix it, here's the answer, from the Bedtime Story single:

Madonna - Bedtime Story (Orbital Mix)

Orbital broke up recently-ish, in case you hadn't heard. (Scroll down - third news item on that page.)

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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August 19, 2004

I'm sorry, were you talking to me?

Scenestars turned me on to this track. Out Hud reminds me of what !!! might sound like if they were more polished and less "wacky". Not only is this track funky and pleasingly experimental at the same time, it also has a fantastic title, which alone sometimes merits a blog entry, so. From the EP S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.

Out Hud - Dad There's A Little Phrase Called Too Much Information

Actually I may as well throw this in here, as long as we're on the subject. !!! reminds me of what Out Hud might sound like if they were less polished and more "wacky". No, really. Most people pronounce !!! as "Chick Chick Chick" but I prefer to say "Bang Bang Bang". YMMV. From the album Louden Up Now.

!!! - Hello, Is This Thing On?

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August 18, 2004

It's best if I don't understand

Even more from the wacky netlabel Comfort Stand. This "swingin' single" apparently comes from an album called Vamp Babes Upgrade version, which I don't get but I like anyway. It's, uh, Russian surfpop. Actually I wonder if this fits into what Coe calls "spy music".

Messer Chups - Intro Monstro Crescendo
Messer Chups - Devil Exit From Fashion

And in weirder news, Space Debris dug up an old vinyl rekkid called Music for Lovers, by a group called Peter Laine & The Nana's. They are called this because they basically just sing "na na na" instead of most of the lyrics. This kind of thing just makes me dance around inside.

Peter Laine & The Nana's - I'm A Believer

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August 17, 2004

Patience rewarded

I've been waiting patiently to buy this album - Enter The Mowo by Mocean Worker - until I finally found it on sale... it's my thing about needing a really, really good reason to spend more than $15 on any CD, and this had been hovering at $16 or $17. Now $12 or $13, I can usually justify, for the good of the people you understand - nobody's sending Comfort Radio promos, that's for sure. I notice Amazon just knocked it down from $17 to $13 - and with that extra $4, think of all the good you can do in the world!

This is some tight acid jazz, a bit of a departure from what I remember to be a weirder and darker groove on his album Home Movies From The Brain Forest - and of course I cleverly avoided listening to any of his albums in between, thus enabling me to create an almost completely ignorant blog entry today. Amazon says Enter The Mowo was released by Sin-Drome Records, also the home of Tony Danza's new album. I am not buying Tony Danza's new album even if it does go on sale.

Mocean Worker - Right Now
Mocean Worker - Move (featuring Hal Willner)

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August 16, 2004

Love - the bittersweet variety

The vaugely Moulin Rouge-ish cover art for this one caught my attention at Easy Street over the weekend. Then I read the handy promo blurb provided by Time Out New York: "...Tuesday Weld is the 'nom de disque' of Londoner Stephen Coates, whose musical style recalls the hallucinatory, slightly sinister '80s-cum-'30s retro-modernism of Terry Gilliam's Brazil... Weld has but one concern: lots of lovely, lovely, love - mostly the bittersweet variety." Apparently, this album is the imaginary soundtrack to a real book called I, Lucifer, "about the devil returning to earth for a second shot at repentance and mortality."

Fortunately they had one of those handy-dandy previewing stations, allowing me to confirm this rekkid's merits. Now you too can enjoy these fine tracks from the album I, Lucifer, released by the ever-wonderful folks at Six Degrees. I find it a little more reminiscent of Triplets of Belleville than Brazil, but YMMV.

The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime In Clerkenwell
The Real Tuesday Weld - (Still) Terminally Ambivalent Over You

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August 13, 2004

Not "pop-tronica"!

Today's entry features a couple bands I would not have expected to enjoy, but hearing them over and over again on KEXP has convinced me. I don't think of myself as someone who likes "alternative rock" all that much, but every now and then, a voice or a sound manages to rise above the din and make an impression. A long time ago, I made a decision that I would avoid the trap of my parents, whose appreciation of new music stopped with Whitesnake. The presence of KEXP and the proliferation of MP3 blogs has helped keep my horizons open.

The Helio Sequence - Repeater, from the album Love & Distance
Secret Machines - The Road Leads Where It's Led, from the album Now Here Is Nowhere

Please note: our upcoming "Whitesnake Celebration Week" will kick off as soon as Mason finishes writing the entries.

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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August 12, 2004


betterPropaganda turned me on to these tracks by Octet. They are yummy. I am feeling too lazy to write much today, so let's just let betterPropaganda do all the work: "Octet is a French pop-tronica duo." There! Everything is explained! (OK, they do say a little more on the subject.) I can't find their album, Cash and Carry Songs, on Amazon, which means IT DOES NOT EXIST. Just kidding: until its domestic release Sept. 21, you can buy it here.

Octet - Hey Bonus
Octet - Sneakers And Thong

BONUS TRACK: Due to the overwhelming critical acclaim that yesterday's bonus track received, here is another in the same vein, this time from Alfredo Costa Monteiro's album Paper Music, "the follow-up to the mythical RUBBER MUSIC". Yes, it is made exclusively with the sounds of paper.

Alfredo Costa Monteiro - 01

Yeah, baby.

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August 11, 2004

You can dance if you want to

I realize Richard Cheese has a virtual monopoly on the idea of lounge covers of pop songs, but one day I was getting a haircut at Rudy's and I heard this group and couldn't believe my ears... fortunately, although the album, Cocktail: Shakin' and Stirred, is long out of print, I was able to find a pristine copy for very cheap via Amazon, and now you too can enjoy the majesty, the splendor, the wonder that is Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra.

Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra - You Oughta Know
Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra - Safety Dance

I suggested these to the folks at Copy, Right? but they had the good sense to ignore me.

BONUS TRACK: This is not in rotation on the station, but in the interest of [mumble mumble something pretentious about art mumble mumble], please to "enjoy" this track by Alfredo Costa Monteiro, from his album Rubber Music. The entire album was "played exclusively with rubber bands".

Alfredo Costa Monteiro - 1

No, I don't know why. I really don't.

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August 10, 2004

I love you the mostest

I forget which MP3J turned me on to Joy Zipper - I wasn't taking good notes at that point. The first song here is quite possibly the dreamiest, loveliest pop song e'er I laid ears on, and will likely show up on every "I love you the mostest" mix CD ever made from this point forward. Please note: not an actual Christmas song.

The second track here is included for obvious reasons. From the album American Whip.

Joy Zipper - Christmas Song
Joy Zipper - Drugs

We saw the reunited Sky Cries Mary last Friday at the Fenix. Holy mizzoly, they haven't lost a sliver of their original intensity. Six of the seven members are from the original line-up, and they certainly haven't forgotten how to play together. After a protracted legal battle, they have won the rights to their catalog and have already started re-releasing their early stuff. Popular in Seattle at the height of grunge, it's amazing they ever built a following; even more amazing is that this music hasn't aged a bit. Here's one of my favorites, from the album This Timeless Turning - if you wait to get the re-releases, they've each got a bonus track on them.

Sky Cries Mary - Every Iceburg Is Afire

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August 09, 2004

No, man, I'm serious

More from the wacky netlabel Comfort Stand. This is one of their "swingin' singles", from the duo of Slava Zavjalov and Igor Zvetkov, otherwise known as Kim & Buran. It's, uh, Russian loungepop.

Kim & Buran - New Years Party by Toptygin (live)
Kim & Buran - Birthday Party

BONUS TRACKS: Zip file containing two tracks that went around the blogosphere a few weeks ago, and were discussed on the Comfort list last week. This file is coming down tomorrow.


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August 06, 2004

Oh boy!

I posted something last week from The Brooklyn Funk Essentials that might have given you the impression they were some kind of novelty group. Then something came on the station today that reminded me they are indeed essential funk. From the album Make 'Em Like It.

The Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Hard To Stop / Feelgood

Fluxblog is the coolest, and this track proves it. It is just plain sublime. Thanks, Fluxblog! Get more freebies from the band here.

Datarock - I Used To Dance With My Daddy

And in other news, Adam writes:
"Have you seen the video for The Chemical Brothers' "Get Yourself High"? Check out this link; they have both Real and Windows formats. The video is just great, and well... it references drugs, so I thought you might be a sucker for it :-) It's all about digital video used for evil. Astralwerks has audio and videos by Royksopp, Kraftwerk and ... ooh, you've got to see Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" video if you haven't already."

I believe there are approximately 8 people in the galaxy who have not seen the Fatboy Slim video (the members of the Christopher Walken Is A Poopy-head Club), but in the meantime, I hadn't seen that particular Chemical Brothers video. It's worth watching if only to see LPs used as ninja weapons. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!

These and other fine, fine tunes can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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August 05, 2004

What's a "cassette"?

Some wacktronica from an EP by the other Donna Summer. Sadly, statistics show that twenty thousand screaming gay fans can be wrong, but I wouldn't tell them that in person or anything. From the netlabel 8bitrecs, about which you will undoubtedly hear more in the near future.

Donna Summer - Twenty Thousand Screaming Gay Fans Can't Be Wrong
Donna Summer - Drieze Cassette

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August 04, 2004

Ain't you cute

Because I am a sucker for songs that mention drugs, please to enjoy this track by Jolie Holland, from the album Escondida. Released by Anti-, a label focused on "real artists creating great recordings on their own terms". Suck on that, all you labels focusing on fake artists creating poor recordings on someone else's terms! Anyway, this track has that good ol' New Orleans flava that makes you want to fill up a vein right quick. (Thanks, 3hive!)

Jolie Holland - Old Fashion Morphine

And on a completely unrelated note, Laura and I swapped some CDs recently, and lo and behold, look what turned up on the new Rasputina album, Frustration Plantation. Coincidence... OR IS IT?

Rasputina - Momma Was An Opium-Smoker

By the way, it recently came to my attention that there are still people out there who have not seen the video for Lemon Jelly's "Nice Weather For Ducks". Please to visit this page for links to many fine videos, including that one. I looked long and hard to find a link to the Lemon Jelly video that wasn't in Real format; you can shower me with thank yous at your leisure. That is all.

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August 03, 2004

Sucking and shopping

From the Comfort list archives...

Stuart writes:
"At this particular moment, I *heart* comfortradio because it's playing Bongwater's 'Folk Song'. A most fantastic song, which I have not heard in years and years, this is an 11-minute ramble through mysticism, drugs, pop-culture references (including a section about 'Pretty Woman' that says what women are really about is 'sucking and shopping / sucking and shopping / sucking and shopping'."

For good measure, please to also enjoy their cover of the theme from the Monkees' movie "Head", serendipitously provided by Tonx. Both of these tracks can be found on what looks like a fantastic 4-cd compilation of the band's work, Box of Bongwater.

Bongwater - Folk Song
Bongwater - Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head")

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August 02, 2004

Bringing the love

More from the first incarnation of the em:t label. I don't know what sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-genre of electronica this band falls under, and you know what? I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! Or something. Amazingly enough, I had almost completely neglected to upload the majority of my em:t collection to the station; it was starting this blog that reminded me that I used to listen to this label's output all the damn time. And that's just one more way that Comfort keeps bringing the love.

Be patient with the second track; it takes its time getting warmed up.

International Peoples Gang - Aeroplane
International Peoples Gang - Diagonal

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