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July 30, 2004

And then, it was Friday once again

Tonx turned me on to this track, which first attracted my attention because I, too, am a Midwest Product. I was going to write that this song has a "kickass ending" before I saw that Epitonic says it has an "exhilarating dynamic arc" - curse you, Epitonic, and your staff of hired wordmonkeys! From the EP World Series of Love. Get some Epitonic freebies here.

Midwest Product - Duckpond

Tonx also turned me on to this track, which I am posting for the benefit of NYC Kat. Seriously, I didn't personally enjoy it at all. OK, well maybe a little. Yasuharu Konishi was the "musical mastermind" behind Pizzicato Five; this remix was included on the import Soul Source: Jackson 5 Remixes.

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (readymade 524 mix by Yasuharu Konishi)

Please note that Tonx also exposed me without warning to the Xanadu dance remix, which I will NOT be posting here, as one sudden cerebral hemorrhage in this community at a time is plenty.

Also, I've added several nifty new links to the list of MP3Js that I'm following regularly: Scenestars, Telephone Thing, Bumrocks, Looking Askance from '63, Word in the Alleys, POP77, and Steal Music, which is not the best of these, but is certainly the only one with the good sense to recently feature Michael Nesmith.

If you like the music on this blog, check out Comfort Radio when you get a chance. See you next week.

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July 29, 2004

Raised upon a secret formula

According to the Inter-Web, Chenard Walcker "was raised upon a secret formula, so he is bound to wear a mask." What else do you need to know? If you like these tracks, get his album The Lotus Opus from the wacky netlabel Comfort Stand - no relation to Comfort Radio, other than us playing their music a lot. (If you do snag the album, the first track is a dud but everything after that is real purty.)

Chenard Walcker - Cream Cheese
Chenard Walcker - Cathedral

BONUS TRACK: Coe collects versions of "Summertime", so check this shit out.

Chenard Walcker - Summertime

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July 28, 2004

Another day in the life

I can't help it that I just heard Mujaji for the first time. In a parallel universe, I have infinite dollars to spend acquiring everything Shadow Records, Ninja Tunes, and Six Degrees have ever released. That universe is not this one. From the album Free Rain.

Mujaji - Belgian Capuccino

One night recently, a group of us stayed up all night listening to Comfort Radio, and this track came on. This dude's shit is deep-seated, yo. I was howling with laughter by the time it was through - perhaps because his story hits so close to home. Or perhaps because I was high. Hard to say. From the album Make 'Em Like It.

The Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Date With Baby

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July 27, 2004

For your aMusement

From the Comfort list archives...

JenMoon writes:
"I'm staying late testing. Muse is making testing almost fun. I *heart* Muse."

In case you wind up staying late testing, here are a couple of kickass Muse tracks for your amusement. This is the band I described on the list as Queen meets Radiohead with a slice of Underworld thrown in for good measure - although I might only be referring to their latest album, Absolution, when I say that bit about Underworld. I am hardly the first to compare Muse to Radiohead and/or Queen; I am simply the most recent.

Muse - Apocalypse Please
Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

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July 26, 2004

LP samples and computer errors

Because I am a sucker for songs that mention drugs, please to enjoy this track by KKFS, from the album Qu'est-ce Qu'il Fait Chaud?. Released by Fronha Records, a netlabel specializing in Brazilian experimental electronic music. The songs on this album were "re-created from 50's and 60's LPs samples and computer errors" and came out sounding pretty keen.

KKFS - Cachotterie (Three Pills at Ten o'Clock or Ten Pills at Three o'Clock Random Mix)

Because I am a sucker for songs that reference Queen, please to enjoy these tracks by Yvan&Lendl, from the album touf touf taf, also released by Fronha Records. Not exactly Queen covered in Spanish, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Yvan&Lendl - touf touf taf 01
Yvan&Lendl - touf touf taf 31

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July 23, 2004

I can kill you with my brain

I can't find any info about Kat Cross at all, but I recommend this little slice of violin-infused trip hop if only because of the delightful "I can kill you with my brain" refrain. The ending gets a little clipped because the only place this track exists, apparently, is on the Back To Mine that Tricky released, and it blends into the next track.

Kat Cross - Symphony for Irony

After I posted a jhno track during the inaugural week of Comfort Music, Alex S. reminded me about a vinyl-only underground release that jhno put out a few years back, a riff on a classic rock song that some will no doubt enjoy, while others, perhaps, not so much.

jhno - fly

These and other fine, fine tracks can be heard on Comfort Radio. See you next week.

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July 22, 2004

Goodness gracious me

This song slinks along, moving through the crowd at a cocktail party, nodding and winking and sloshing a martini just a little bit. Then, it freaks the fuck out. From the band's self-titled album.

The Cat Empire - All That Talking

This song is kind of like walking into '80s night at a club and finding out they've sprayed liquid LSD all over everything.

Johnny Kawasaki - sync it in da booty

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July 21, 2004


Coe writes:
"Been obsessing on The Postal Service lately. Not entirely sure why - they're kinda early-80s-sounding, bleepy-bloopy. But I like 'em. Had heard them a bit before, and then spent a lovely hour and a half in Hawaii playing them over and over, you know the kind when you're not really sleeping 'cause you can't but eyes are closed and the music is rolling over you and around you and through you... See, it's like this - very catchy tunes. They just grab your mind and don't let go."

Here are a couple tracks (chosen by Coe) from The Postal Service's album Give Up to whet the appetite:

The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
The Postal Service - This Place Is A Prison

And in other news... Llew writes:
"I'm liking this whole blog thang. I never really liked poking around all over the place looking for stuff. I've downloaded all the tracks and am just playing them in order. Again. I had some problems with the downloads before, but that seems to have been on my side and not on the server. In any case, it's up to 1:53:12 of some really excellent music! Only two that I'm ambivalent about, and they're not offensive, just not as much to my taste as the rest, which really are... If you want to download them all at once, click here. I'll take this down on Thursday."

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July 20, 2004

A yummy swooshing-ness

A couple of highlight tracks from a compilation called Feu'netik, released by the net.label iDEOLOGY in 2003. The first is a nice smooth slice of global fusion/acid jazz, the second an excellent downbeat track that builds into a yummy swooshing-ness. "Swooshing-ness", btw, is rumored to be the newest sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-genre of electronica, you heard it here first.

Cuebism - Face To Face
Oddjob - Gratey's Cape (EA-Mix)

BONUS TRACK: Cuebism is not to be mistaken for Qubism, who put an album out on the old em:t label before it died. Check this track out, inspired by Aztec sculpture, and glory in its intricate electronic weirdness.

Qubism - Anthropomorphic

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July 19, 2004

Even Pitchfork likes it

I forget which blog turned me on to The Books - whoever it was, may the wheel of karma reward you with smooches. This is delightfully pretty & unusual ambient music, creative and surprising; the warmth and whimsy of Lemon Jelly meets the cultured experimentalism of the Art of Noise. Not everyone's cup of tea, I'm sure, but I'm digging it. From The Lemon Of Pink.

The Books - Tokyo
The Books - A True Story Of A Story Of True Love

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July 16, 2004

Don't call us, we'll call you

Wrapping up our inaugural "trip down memory lane" week...

From the Shadow Records compilation Blunted, Vol. 2, comes this gorgeous downtempo track. I first heard this way back when Mantid was introducing me to the whole Shadow / Ninja Tune vibe; this song in particular floated to the top of the heap. I was able to find out almost nothing about Sola, unfortunately.

Sola - Set Free

From the Sweet Mother Recordings compilation Free Activation Series, Vol 1, comes this beautiful remix that surpasses the original in haunting beauty. No, I did not crib that description from a press release.

Pigeonhed - Glory Bound (Dave Ruffy Mix)

You can hear these and other fine, fine tracks on Comfort Radio.

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July 15, 2004

All I gotta do is look at you

Datura first turned me on to the album Born of Earth's Torments by 23 Degrees; apparently he saw them spin at a party and got hooked. Easy to understand why, especially on this excellent slice of ambient dub. File this under "good ketamine music".

23 Degrees - Going Fast (Trail Mix)

I first heard this next track on the Feed Your Head, Vol. 3: Accelerating The Alpha Rhythms compilation on Mammoth Records. Never got around to buying an actual album by the Starseeds, but this track remains a favorite, probably because it has one of the coolest titles ever. A yummy ambient groove.

The Starseeds - Heavensairportcoffeeshoprestaurant

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July 14, 2004

Please do not adjust your set

Continuing our inaugural "trip down memory lane" week...

On their album One and One Is One, the duo known as Joi (not to be confused with Joi the r&b singer) offered this absolute gem of Asian boogie.

Joi - Asian Vibes

Recoil is a project by ex-Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder. This dark & creepy track is from the album Unsound Methods, half of which was brilliant. Thematically this track has a lot in common with "Instruments of Darkness" by the Art of Noise, except Recoil is a lot creepier here than the Art of Noise ever tried to be.

Recoil - Red River Cargo

URLs for MP3s fixed now; thanks, Coe!

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July 13, 2004

Nostalgia is so yesterday

I can still remember the barbecue at Weird Momma's many years ago when Bug first slapped this Lush remix onto the boom box. He and I marvelled together at its magnificence. This was pre-file sharing, and I was forced to actually (gasp)
purchase the single - thus enabling me to pass on the lurve to you. Note this is not DJ Spooky, it's just Spooky, doing the remix.

Lush - Undertow (Spooky remix)

This track appeared on the dearly departed (and recently revived) em:t label, on one of their gloriously weird and lovely ambient/downtempo compilations. The band, Voodoo Warriors of Love, to my eternal dismay only put out four songs. This is the best one, a fantastic, dark, haunting groove.

Voodoo Warriors of Love - Believe

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July 12, 2004

You got that right

Kicking off the first week of Comfort Music, I'll be focusing on some old favorites of mine. Back when I was still making mix tapes instead of mix CDs, you likely would have heard today's tracks back to back somewhere near the end of side two.

The first is from The Grid, featuring the vocals of Sheila Chandra. It first appeared on the compilation A Week or Two in the Real World, which documented the first of Real World's legendary "recording weeks" in which artists from all over the world gathered for a week (or two it seems) to crank out music across Real World's studio complex in England. This version is slightly remixed (Sheila's vox are hotter in the mix) and appears on the excellent Bliss comp.

The Grid - Angel Tech

The second is from a friend of mine from San Francisco, jhno, also known for being half of Spool. This track is from his first album, understand, which is way out of print, but his artist page at Epitonic has some freebies, and it looks like you can still get his 2nd album, KWNO.

jhno - my mind is aglow

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